Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Remember Me?

I feel like 2012 was the year of absence from this blog.  I just haven't felt it.  I've thought about throwing in the towel many times...but I just can't.  It's like the boyfriend I can't break up with, the friend I can't let go of.  The thing is, the blog helps me out.  I might not write a lot anymore but when I do write it helps me clear out the cobwebs of my mind.

So, here I sit on January 2nd reflecting and thinking about how I want this year to be different.  Does that make it a resolution?

Overall I feel like I want to find more balance this year.  Balance in the way I eat, balance in the way I parent, balance in work, etc. etc.  I want to open my eyes and realize all that I have, not constantly just have my eyes open to the things I want to have.  I want to write more.  I want to read more.  I want to knit and create more.  I want to be a better version of me.

My birthday is just over two weeks away.  I have something in the works for that day and will share it with you tomorrow as I gather my thoughts more.

Here's hoping you had a great year in 2012 and find everything you are looking for in 2013.

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Jo-Anne said...

I feel like I could've written this post... Only my blog has been feeling the neglect too. I'm looking for that 'balance' as well. Hopefully we can both manage to find it this year. :)


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