Monday, December 17, 2012

Is that you Santa Claus?

A couple weeks ago Leyton and I participated in a Breakfast with Santa event here in West Sacramento.  I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to Santa again.  If you don't remember, or weren't a reader...last year Leyton was not a big Santa fan!

I thought this year might be better.  He's been talking a lot about him.  "Santa's coming from the sky to bring me presents!"  I mean, he can't not like him with thoughts like that.

We got to the breakfast and he was excited and talking about Santa.  As soon as Santa got there, he got dead quiet.  I took him to get in line for his picture.  "I don't want to take a picture with Santa."  Uh oh.  I assured him that Santa was nice and that Mommy would stay right there.

He completely stone walled Santa.  He wouldn't look at him, wouldn't talk to him, wouldn't even acknowledge his existence or take the candy cane from him.

Not quite as bad as last year, but classic Santa photo none the less!

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