Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a week!

Wow, am I writing what a week and it's only Tuesday? 

To be honest I think I'm writing from Saturday forward since that day is still engrained deep in my brain.  Saturday was GETty Crafty.  It was a flop.  It was the most beautiful venue of amazing vendors I have seen.  Problem, no one came out shopping.  I'm still not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but needless to say it was frustrating no matter what the cause was.

Sunday when I checked in on my weight I was only down .8 lbs.  I was actually happy about that.  I allowed myself to splurge a couple times during the week and I think if I had still lost 2 pounds it would have made me feel like I could keep slurging.  With Thanksgiving this week I didn't want to have that mindset.

Leyton developed another cough last week and with each passing day it seemed to get worse and worse.  Bill and I were losing our minds.  It is so hard to see him like that and know that nothing we are doing is helping.  The thing is, there is a part of me that knew that what we were doing was not what he needed...I just needed a doctor to support that theory.

Last night I called an advice nurse and then had a phone appointment with a pediatrician.  She was great.  She heard me out and agreed with me that we were on the wrong course.  We had an appointment for today.

On the way to the doctor I recorded this.  At this point it was 9:45 am and Leyton had been coughing like this for over an hour.  None stop and sometimes much worse than what you are hearing.  I wanted to be able to let the peditrician listen since most of the time he stops coughing when we get there.  Thankfully, he didn't. 

Leyton has asthma...and I've known this all along.  He needs a trigger for it to start, but once it starts no over the counter meds are helping.  We did a breathing treatment while at the doctor and he has not coughed once since then...it's now 3:22pm.  It's the longest he hasn't coughed since LAST WEDNESDAY.

He will now be on three medications.  Two all the time and one only as needed when he is having fits.  If that doesn't keep it under control he will have breathing treatments at home (which he HATED).  I'm pretty hopeful it won't get to that point.  I'm also pretty happy we are finally at this point.  It's been a long time of knowing there is something more going on and knowing we weren't treating it correctly.

Here's to a better finish to the week.

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