Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I love to cook.  When I was eating bad though, I started to love eating out.  That food just tasted so much better.  When I would cook, I would not cook healthy at all.  I would try to recreate what I was eating other places.

Since starting down this new path I have gotten excited about cooking again.  I'm trying new things all the time.  Trying new vegetables, new grains, new proteins.  Stuff I have never cooked before.  It's tricky though because my son and my husband aren't quite on the same eating path that I am.  I give big kuddos to the hubby though because he is a very easy going eater and will pretty much eat anything I make.  Except maybe eggplant...he HATES eggplant.

Most nights we eat similar but he has some sort of meat with his.  At home I have still been sticking to a more vegan based menu, although I must say I love the term "plant strong" so much more.  This past weekend the hubs went to the Farmer's Market with me for the first time.  He actually loved it and was impressed by everything they had to offer.  I was super happy to find a squash that I had at a restaurant recently called Kuri Squash.  I couldn't wait to have it.  I originally was going to just go home and roast I had it in the restaurant.  Then I realized I should try to do something different, something that maybe the hubs would eat as well.  I started searching recipes and found a curry recipe.  How perfect, Red Kuri Squash turned into a curry dish!

It was delicious!  I never would have picked up this squash before and now I can't wait to go back to the market this weekend to get another one.  It really feels good to be eating this good and I'm excited with each recipe that I find.


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