Monday, November 05, 2012


This past week went well.  I made it through Halloween eating only one piece of candy.  I made it through a work function with a glass of wine and some cheese.  Boy did that cheese taste like heaven.  I got all my work outs in.

Sunday I was down another 1.9 pounds for a total of 23.  That feels excellent just knowing I'm not carrying that burden around anymore.

Sunday I also went out to dinner.  I went somewhere that there aren't really that healthy of options.  I decided that I wanted to have a burger.  It was the one thing that sounded good.  I had veggies at breakfast and lunch so I was happy with my intake and wasn't going to beat myself up for having a burger.

Not only did I have a burger, I had fries too.  Afterwards I felt TERRIBLE.  I was way too full.  I even remember the point when I felt full and still kept eating.  I sat after dinner reflecting on my meal.  I realized that while I am very happy with my self control I am still going to have instances where I fall of the wagon, where I overindulge.  I wasn't mad at myself for what I had.  I didn't beat myself up.  Instead I remembered that the next minute was a new minute.  A new minute to do it better.  Not tomorrow.  Even though it was dinner and I didn't plan on having anything else that evening the last thing I was going to tell myself was "there is always tomorrow."

I've lived a million "always tomorrows" and I have realized that tomorrow is just too long to make it right again.  Making it right has to happen now.  This minute, this second.

My goal this week is to lose a pound and a half.  If I do that I drop into the 220 range.  Yep, I was over 250lbs again my friends.  All because I was always living for tomorrow.

Here's to living for now!


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