Monday, November 12, 2012

Before and After

When I've done weight loss journeys in the past I have not done much before and after stuff.  I've posted pictures of my face...I've sometimes taken measurements but that is about it.  This time I wanted to do a picture.  I took a couple before pictures, but I'm saving the most dramatic before for the very end.

When I weighed myself on Sunday I was so happy to see I was down another 3.4 pounds.  That gives me 26.4 pounds and I feel so great.  Clothes are fitting better, I'm starting to go down in sizes.  This takes me forever.  Some might lose 5 pounds and be in a new size.  I typically have to lose between 20-25 pounds to drop my first size.

I decided to go ahead and take a profile shot.  I feel the greatest difference right now in my profile.  I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday but didn't include the before which I think is important.

Here is what 26.4 pounds looks like

I'm pretty proud of that.

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Alyce Green said...


You are amazing! Both for your amazing progress, and for your courage to share with the world! I KNOW the struggle we have experienced is MUCH more common than anyone wants to admit. I'm inspired by your willingness to share you experience. I sense you don't do it because you want to motivate others, but because it is beneficial to you, for your journey. But have no doubt, your courage impacts others more than you know :). You go girl!!!


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