Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thanksgiving

Well I made it through Thanksgiving week and managed to lose a pound.  While I wasn't eating terrible, I was definitely doing what felt like indulging to me.  I was not going to be concerned though because it was a "special" week.  One that was going to come each and every year.

Here's the problem....I still feel like I'm indulging.  I just feel like each and every effort to get back on the good path is being troubled with excuses.  Excuses I give myself.  I'll be fine.  I did fine last week.  I'll do it again.  One pound is great.  I can do this again.

I know this is the start of the downward spiral.  This is what happens every time.  I stray a bit, get a little too comfortable until I have lost my path completely and can't find the bread trail that I left behind....likely because I ate them all.

I don't want that to happen again.  It's happened too many times.  I WANT this time to be THE LAST TIME.  Now is when I need the most strength.  This moment is much harder than starting in the beginning.  Restarting is the hardest part.

Wish me luck.

This will be the last time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a week!

Wow, am I writing what a week and it's only Tuesday? 

To be honest I think I'm writing from Saturday forward since that day is still engrained deep in my brain.  Saturday was GETty Crafty.  It was a flop.  It was the most beautiful venue of amazing vendors I have seen.  Problem, no one came out shopping.  I'm still not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but needless to say it was frustrating no matter what the cause was.

Sunday when I checked in on my weight I was only down .8 lbs.  I was actually happy about that.  I allowed myself to splurge a couple times during the week and I think if I had still lost 2 pounds it would have made me feel like I could keep slurging.  With Thanksgiving this week I didn't want to have that mindset.

Leyton developed another cough last week and with each passing day it seemed to get worse and worse.  Bill and I were losing our minds.  It is so hard to see him like that and know that nothing we are doing is helping.  The thing is, there is a part of me that knew that what we were doing was not what he needed...I just needed a doctor to support that theory.

Last night I called an advice nurse and then had a phone appointment with a pediatrician.  She was great.  She heard me out and agreed with me that we were on the wrong course.  We had an appointment for today.

On the way to the doctor I recorded this.  At this point it was 9:45 am and Leyton had been coughing like this for over an hour.  None stop and sometimes much worse than what you are hearing.  I wanted to be able to let the peditrician listen since most of the time he stops coughing when we get there.  Thankfully, he didn't. 

Leyton has asthma...and I've known this all along.  He needs a trigger for it to start, but once it starts no over the counter meds are helping.  We did a breathing treatment while at the doctor and he has not coughed once since then...it's now 3:22pm.  It's the longest he hasn't coughed since LAST WEDNESDAY.

He will now be on three medications.  Two all the time and one only as needed when he is having fits.  If that doesn't keep it under control he will have breathing treatments at home (which he HATED).  I'm pretty hopeful it won't get to that point.  I'm also pretty happy we are finally at this point.  It's been a long time of knowing there is something more going on and knowing we weren't treating it correctly.

Here's to a better finish to the week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Yesterday daycare was closed so I was trying to think of something to do with my little peanut.  He's really into watching movies right now so I thought I would take him to a movie.  I had heard a lot of reviews about Wreck it Ralph so I thought we would give it a try.

When we entered the theater he was interested.  He sat on the seat eating his popcorn.  The first preview came on for an animated Christmas movie.  He sat on the seat eating his popcorn with his eyes wide with wonder.

The 2nd preview came on, he asked to sit in my lap.

The 3rd preview came on, he looked at me with fear in his eyes and said, "I don't want to see the movie."

Now, don't get me wrong, I knew this was possible going in.  I was prepared for him to make it through a bit of the movie and then be over it.  I was not prepared for him to ask to leave during the previews.  I was also not prepared for the previews they showed.

Preview number two was this:

Preview number three was this:

I'm not an anal mom.  I don't screen too much what my son watches, but at the same time I make an effort not to let him see things that might be scary.  Wreck it Ralph is PG.  It is animated.  Granted it is by Disney and so are the previews but I don't think that gives the theaters (or whoever makes these decisions) the right to not only put 30 minutes worth of previews, but also previews that are for different ratings.  Oz is NOT EVEN RATED YET.  The Hobbit is PG 13.  You put the ratings there to give parents a choice, but putting whatever preview you want is not a choice.  That witch hand at the end of Oz is enough to scare me and I LOVE SCARY.  I am the Queen of Scary!!

It's going to be a while till we try to go to the movies again and I think we'll go when the previews are over.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Before and After

When I've done weight loss journeys in the past I have not done much before and after stuff.  I've posted pictures of my face...I've sometimes taken measurements but that is about it.  This time I wanted to do a picture.  I took a couple before pictures, but I'm saving the most dramatic before for the very end.

When I weighed myself on Sunday I was so happy to see I was down another 3.4 pounds.  That gives me 26.4 pounds and I feel so great.  Clothes are fitting better, I'm starting to go down in sizes.  This takes me forever.  Some might lose 5 pounds and be in a new size.  I typically have to lose between 20-25 pounds to drop my first size.

I decided to go ahead and take a profile shot.  I feel the greatest difference right now in my profile.  I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday but didn't include the before which I think is important.

Here is what 26.4 pounds looks like

I'm pretty proud of that.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

GETty Crafty Holiday Bazaar

After much waiting, much planning, much figuring out...it is less than two weeks away! The GETty Crafty Holiday Bazaar! When we did our last show we realized that we wanted to move our event to the holidays. There is just something so magical about that time of year and we wanted to help support shopping local and spread awareness!

Months of planning and here we are, a week and a half off from the event! If you are in the Sacramento area please help us spread the word and come out and say hello! We have a ton of exciting announcements to make next week with regards to vendors and what you will find at the event so stay tuned.
For now...mark your calendar!

Saturday, November 17th
10am to 5pm
Tsakapoulos Library Galleria 828 I Street, Sacramento, CA
$5 at door, 5 and under free


I love to cook.  When I was eating bad though, I started to love eating out.  That food just tasted so much better.  When I would cook, I would not cook healthy at all.  I would try to recreate what I was eating other places.

Since starting down this new path I have gotten excited about cooking again.  I'm trying new things all the time.  Trying new vegetables, new grains, new proteins.  Stuff I have never cooked before.  It's tricky though because my son and my husband aren't quite on the same eating path that I am.  I give big kuddos to the hubby though because he is a very easy going eater and will pretty much eat anything I make.  Except maybe eggplant...he HATES eggplant.

Most nights we eat similar but he has some sort of meat with his.  At home I have still been sticking to a more vegan based menu, although I must say I love the term "plant strong" so much more.  This past weekend the hubs went to the Farmer's Market with me for the first time.  He actually loved it and was impressed by everything they had to offer.  I was super happy to find a squash that I had at a restaurant recently called Kuri Squash.  I couldn't wait to have it.  I originally was going to just go home and roast it...how I had it in the restaurant.  Then I realized I should try to do something different, something that maybe the hubs would eat as well.  I started searching recipes and found a curry recipe.  How perfect, Red Kuri Squash turned into a curry dish!

It was delicious!  I never would have picked up this squash before and now I can't wait to go back to the market this weekend to get another one.  It really feels good to be eating this good and I'm excited with each recipe that I find.

Monday, November 05, 2012


This past week went well.  I made it through Halloween eating only one piece of candy.  I made it through a work function with a glass of wine and some cheese.  Boy did that cheese taste like heaven.  I got all my work outs in.

Sunday I was down another 1.9 pounds for a total of 23.  That feels excellent just knowing I'm not carrying that burden around anymore.

Sunday I also went out to dinner.  I went somewhere that there aren't really that healthy of options.  I decided that I wanted to have a burger.  It was the one thing that sounded good.  I had veggies at breakfast and lunch so I was happy with my intake and wasn't going to beat myself up for having a burger.

Not only did I have a burger, I had fries too.  Afterwards I felt TERRIBLE.  I was way too full.  I even remember the point when I felt full and still kept eating.  I sat after dinner reflecting on my meal.  I realized that while I am very happy with my self control I am still going to have instances where I fall of the wagon, where I overindulge.  I wasn't mad at myself for what I had.  I didn't beat myself up.  Instead I remembered that the next minute was a new minute.  A new minute to do it better.  Not tomorrow.  Even though it was dinner and I didn't plan on having anything else that evening the last thing I was going to tell myself was "there is always tomorrow."

I've lived a million "always tomorrows" and I have realized that tomorrow is just too long to make it right again.  Making it right has to happen now.  This minute, this second.

My goal this week is to lose a pound and a half.  If I do that I drop into the 220 range.  Yep, I was over 250lbs again my friends.  All because I was always living for tomorrow.

Here's to living for now!


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