Friday, October 26, 2012

Paying Attention

It's amazing how much I have been paying attention.  I pay attention to labels.  I pay attention to what other people are eating.  I pay attention to what I am eating.  It is so eye opening to just sit back and watch.  It is so eye opening to realize how LITTLE I paid attention before.  How little most people do pay attention.

Today I will give just a tiny example of this.  This morning was tough.  It was tough getting myself and my little dude out the door.  I managed to juice for breakfast, but didn't put together my lunch.  I had to run an errand this morning to get part of my son's Halloween costume so I went to Walmart.  While there it was amazing to see what people were buying.  I don't want anyone thinking that I am criticizing these people, or shaking me finger at them.  I was them, I am them.  I could just as easily be walking through that check out with a couple candy bars, chips and soda.  It would be so easy.  I didn't though.  I bought the costume items I went in for and went to work.

At around 11am I realized that I was going to have to get lunch somewhere...and this was going to be tough. Then I remembered that no too far from me there is a vegan/raw restaurant that I had been wanting to try before I even went down this road.  So I headed there...only to find out they are closed on Fridays.  At that point I was starting to crack.  I was starting to think of all the other options, the options I would have typically gotten.  Burritos, chips, fries, burgers, salami sandwich, etc. etc.  I finally decided my safest bet was going to be a sandwich, but I didn't want Subway.  So I went to a small business and opted for their veggie sandwich with hummus.  I omitted the cheese and the mushrooms (which I will NEVER like.)  I was so happy looking at the menu knowing that the sandwich was only 300 calories!  Not bad for a lunch.  I felt so happy that restaurants are now posting calories on the menu boards.

I got back to my office and couldn't wait to eat my sandwich.  It was toasted and smelled just like pizza.  I opened it up and thought MAN...that is a BIG sandwich for 300 calories!  I ate half and felt full, but it was just sooo good.  I wanted to eat that other half.  I sat for a moment longer, I drank some water.  I thought again...MAN...that is a BIG sandwich for 300 calories.  It was then that I paid attention.  I paid attention to the fact that I was full.  I paid attention to the fact that something didn't add up.  I went to the companies website.  I found the nutritionals.  You see, that sandwich is 2 servings.  That sandwich is 600 calories.  No where on the menu board did it indicate that.  If I hadn't paid attention to myself, and only listened to that one voice telling me it was delicious, I would be sitting her too full and realizing that there is no way it was 300 calories.

It's nice to be paying attention.

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