Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I don't understand.

I'm sure I've talked about it before on here, but I really dislike the news.  I hate the way they blow things out of proportion.  I hate the way they over-dramatize.  I guess that is what they are supposed to do, but it is something I will never like and never understand.  I just want them to give me the news, plain and simple.

So, when all of the information started coming in about Sandy I admit...I figured it was just another thing that was being blown out of proportion.  Then the evacuation notices started to come out.  Not from the news, but from officials.  Officials telling people to get out that this could get bad.  Now, don't get me wrong, I get that some people just have no means to leave.  It's no so much them.  I get frustrated by those that just want to say, "Well, it's always been fine before so I'm going to ride it out."

Really?  Well, good luck to you.  Thing is...don't come looking for sympathy when shit hits the fan.  When things don't go quite as well as before.

It's worse though.  I get absolutely furious by those that take it a step further.  They bust out their surfboards, or as one person apparently did last night, they go swimming.  I do not understand those people.  I don't know if they have a death wish.  I don't know if they are just too arrogant and showing off.  I don't know and I quite honestly don't care.  If someone is telling you to GET OUT and you are a fool and go play in the mess then that's on you.

Here's the deal, this could be way off track but I feel as if I relate in some way to how things can change on you in an instant.  In October of 2007 I got married and went on my honeymoon in Mexico.  We arrived, got checked into our hotel and headed to the beach to grab a drink and walk in the surf.  It was gorgeous out as you can see from this picture.

What you don't see in this picture are waves.  The ocean looks beautiful.  It would only take minutes for that to change.  Within 15 minutes I found myself pulled out into the ocean after being tackled by a wave.  I knew something was very wrong with my knee and I could not tell my up from down.  To be honest, I thought I was going to drown.

Thankfully I got out.  Sadly I spent the next 6 months going through physical therapy, blood clot treatment, doctor's visits, surgeries and more physical therapy.  The first day I walked again I cried.  At that point I really didn't think I would walk again.  It took two years to have a knee that operated at about 80%.  Now, I'm happy to say that I can crawl on my knees with my son.  It's not completely normal but no one would ever know the way it once was.

See, there was a hurricane off shore that brought in sudden powerful waves.  Had someone TOLD ME this I would have stayed far far away.  No one did.  A flag went up and a bell rang.  I had no idea what the flag meant and I thought the bell was the end of Happy Hour.  I wish I had the chance to make the decision of whether or not I wanted to brave the storm and I'm 100% certain that my decision would have been to listen to the warnings.  More people should listen.

I wish the best for all of those on the East Coast that are suffering from this storm.  Mother Nature is a bitch sometimes.


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kader said...

hola que tal, me llamo Kader
tiene toda la razon, de aqui vimos las noticias es horrible. esta Sandy.
lo que no entiendo es que la gente sale a disfrutar de la tormente. un a mujer en traje de baño posando, otro nadando, otro hace deporte. por que no hacen caso a las autoridades para salvarse?
bueno lo siento mucho por las desgracias.

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