Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cleanse Day 10

Today started fine.  I went to the pool this morning and swam a mile and felt so proud.  Then I went to work and started drinking my morning breakfast.  I had a hard time getting through it but thought nothing of it.  Lunch was a breeze.

Then I came home and found that I was "testy." I just wasn't feeling like doing much of anything.  I wanted to go and try yoga at the Rec Center so I was actually happy to leave the house.  Yoga was exhausting.  I didn't feel it at all and immediately decided that swimming a mile and doing a yoga class may be a bit too much, but I powered through it.

When I got home I was starving and made dinner.  The hubs = nachos.  Me = raw shit.  That's what it felt like.  I had a MAJOR food trigger again and wanted those nachos so bad.  I ate enough to feel full and threw in the towel.  I just didn't want to eat anymore and with each bite I was getting more and more irritated.

Days like this suck.  Days like this make me want to just say fuck it and eat.  I don't want to eat a ton, just a bite of something warm and new.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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