Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Spaz Nugget

Right now my favorite thing to call you is "Spaz Nugget."  Eventually I know you will call yourself this since you already call yourself both "Leyton" and "Giggy."  It's important in the Ball household to understand that throughout your life you are going to have many names.

I'm going to fall into every parent cliche and ask this important question....

How did we go from this.....

to this??

It's just too much for a Mommy to accept.  I feel like it has been forever since I've done an update about you and I want to make sure you can look back on this and laugh or at least know why you are spending so much on therapy.

You are a crazy handful, but man you are so much fun.  You can easily go from sweetest child on the block to the craziest, hence the name Spaz Nugget.  You are developing a VERY independent spirit and want to decide exactly what you want to do in every situation.  If we want you to do something different from that then all hell breaks loose.  You have started saying things like "I'm very mad at you Mommy" when you aren't getting your way.  You always hear the term the terrible twos and while I would agree with that statement I might also state that for us it started a bit earlier than two.  I also hear a lot about three being so much worse and for now I can just keep my fingers crossed that is not the case.

When you are an angel, you are the sweetest one that ever existed.  You love to give hugs and kisses and have even taken to hugging Mommy and Daddy's friends when they come over.  Your very favorite visitor in the whole world is Maebel...who just happens to be a dog.  You call her Naebel.  Most days you ask if she is coming over to play.  You love playing with your trains right now and especially love Playdough.  We still can't seem to get you to keep it out of your mouth and are constantly warning you that we are going to take it away from you.  Then again, you do have the ice cream Playdough set so perhaps it is wrong of us to make something that looks like food?  Damn Playdough.

Right now you have two favorite songs and when they come on you get excited and say "Mommy, it's our new song!"  You then sing and dance around.  Those songs are, Call Me Maybe and Whistle.  We will not even talk about how inappropriate the song Whistle is or how embarrassing it is when we are in Target and you are singing, "Blow my whistle" over and over.  It's so catchy though and you have no idea what it means so we will deal with that later.  As annoying as Call Me Maybe is I look forward to this one.  I love hearing you belt out the chorus to this song.  I think you are going to have your Mommy's knack for remembering song lyrics!

You have a new favorite book right now called "Olivia and the Missing Toy."  We only just started reading it this weekend and you already read it on your own.  Last night you read about 5 of the pages and really impressed your Daddy and I.  I am just amazed and not only how vocal you are but also how fast you can memorize things at your age.  Oh, did I mention that you are 2 years and almost 4 months?  Again, how that happened I have no idea.

Your Mommy went back to school in hopes that I can not only do something in life that I love, but also figure out a way to be on your schedule.  It's hard right now missing you two nights a week but I also love that you and your Daddy are getting quality time together.  It is so fun to watch you with your Daddy.

Well my little Spaz Nugget, keep up the good growing but slow it down a bit for Mommy will you?


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