Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Vacations are tough!

I'm sure this has happened to everyone.  You spend MONTHS planning and getting ready for a vacation.  You have your heart set on getting away from it all and just relaxing and enjoying the good times.  Then you get on said vacation and everything isn't quite what it was cracked up to be.  If you want a good story about this just go back to October of 2007 and read about my honeymoon.

Every other year we meet up with family at Donner Lake for a week of relaxation, drinking, food and just all around great company.  We start planning this trip the year prior so the anticipation leading up to it is great.  This year the trip was going to be even bigger because more of the family was joining us!  Needless to say we've been SUPER excited for a long time to go on this trip.

My niece flew in the night before and on Friday we loaded up the truck and started driving to Donner Lake.  Donner Lake is about an hour and a half drive into the hills.  Something about the fact that it took us 4 hours to get there should have possibly been the first sign that there were rocky roads ahead.

I stayed optimistic though.  Just a bump in the road right?  I mean, what is 4 hours of getting there when you have a whole week to look forward to?!

On Saturday night Leyton started barfing.  He barfed all night until about 5am Sunday.  The barfing stopped but the fevers did not...which meant the attitude was not quite the greatest.  On Monday the cough started and on Tuesday it hit epic proportions.  The kid couldn't go a minute without having a coughing fit.

Needless to say I lost my shit.  I pouted.  I contemplated going home.  I was ready to just give up.  Life has not been smooth sailing for a while and all I could think was "Why does this stuff ALWAYS happen to us?"  The self pity party began.  I started to think about all the bad stuff that had happened.  I started to think about a honeymoon gone wrong and almost a year to follow relearning how to walk.  I NEEDED this vacation and here was life taking a big old dump on me again.  It was gross.  I was spiraling out of control.

Wednesday Leyton woke up smiling and his cough was almost gone.  The next two days were some of the funnest days of my life.  Was it because the tides turned and suddenly luck was on my side?  Had Leyton somehow turned into super child overnight?

The answer is no.  I realized the world isn't out to get me.  I realized that everything I needed and wanted out of my week vacation was right there in front of me.  My family.  I didn't need everything to be rainbows and unicorns.  I just needed some time away with those that matter most.  I had more love and happiness in one place than many other experience in their whole life.  I was lucky.

Here's to a great vacation and I already can't wait till the next one.

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