Friday, August 17, 2012


So I know I already told you about Wittlebee once, but I feel like it deserves a mention again.  I mean, let's be honest, sometimes with things like this you are blown away at first, but then the more items come the more you realize that maybe they were just making a good first impression.  I can assure you this is NOT the case with Wittlebee.  I've received three boxes now and each one of them has been amazing!  The past two I changed the sizes so I can build up a supply for when Leyton gets bigger.  I like having a bin of clothes waiting so in case he has a sudden growth spurt I'm not running to the store.  I've also used their message system to leave comments on things I'd like to see and THEY LISTEN!  For example, Leyton runs bigger in the shirts than the pants.  I left them a note saying that and when my box came I had bigger shirts and smaller pants.  It's like having my own personal shopper!!

The second box I got was almost entirely Kenneth Cole Reaction clothes.

Can I also mention that this box only cost me $10 because of referrals?  I mean seriously!  I couldn't do this good at a thrift store or garage sale!

The third box has a mix of brands and it looks like they are starting to get more winter items in.

I love that there were a couple hoodies and that Caspar shirt is adorable and perfect for Halloween.  There were even a pair of pajamas in this box.

I keep thinking that this is my last box with each delivery, but then each box comes and I think...why stop?  I'm getting so many clothes for the money I'm spending and to be honest, I can't tell you the last time I bought him something at the store!

If you want to try out Wittlebee, please click here!  You will get $10 off your first box when you do!  I promise you will not be disappointed!

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