Thursday, August 09, 2012

Back to school

Because I didn't think my life was full enough I decided to go back to school.  Yup.  I've thought about it a million times.  When I originally started at my local junior college my goal was to be a teacher.  I wanted to focus on English and perhaps teach high school or college.  Through the years I have changed my mind a million times and ended up right back where I started...teaching. The only difference being I'd like to teach the younger kiddos, elementary age.

My plan was that perhaps I could get this all done by the time Leyton is 5-6 years old and be on the same schedule that he is on.  While that still "might" be a possibility...I have a feeling he might be a little older.  I have 10 classes left to take to transfer to Sac State.  I'll chip one of them off this semester, and thankfully it's a quick class so it will run from the end of August to the end of October.  Next semester I'll take a heavier load, but keep it all classes I can do in the evening, leaving the day classes for last.

Once I get to Sac State I have no idea what happens.  Probably another 3.5 years of that.  GULP.

While it all seems daunting I must say at the same time it is exciting.  I really always loved being a student and there is no reason I shouldn't have finished sooner other than life got in the way.  The thought of going now as an adult is almost more appealing because I appreciate it more.  I'm excited for all the history classes I have to take.  Not so excited about the math and biology.

Wish me luck, class starts on August 25th...but as of now I'm on the waiting list!

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