Thursday, July 05, 2012

We made it!!!

Yesterday really felt like our first 4th of July with Leyton.  It was the first time we got to expose him to fireworks and weren't really sure how he would take it.  We had fireworks from last year since he was sick on 4th of July and a friend brought more over.  Leyton's not a big fan of loud noises so I was thankful that most all of our fireworks were of a quiet variety.

When the first firework got lit he was in awe.  When he finished he stood straight up, put his arms above his head like someone just scored a touch down and shouted out, "We made it!"

He did this after each and every firework.  It was hilarious.  I'm not sure where he got this from, but soon we were all shouting out "We made it" and I have a feeling this will be something we never forget.  He will be 20 and we will shout out "We made it!" during fireworks shows.

Once we were done with our fireworks the neighbors busted out some illegals and he had even more fun watching theirs.  It was so fun to be in our new neighborhood on a holiday!!

Speaking of making it.  I've been making more things off of Pinterest and hope to do a post soon to share some with you.  Last night I did make the Cherry Beer Magaritas and let's just say....I'm lucky I made it to work today.

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Helen said...

how fun! I love any excuse for fun and fireworks


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