Thursday, July 12, 2012

Should I buy this?

Let's be honest, I have a problem buying stuff.  I really think a lot of people do.  If I had a dollar for every person that has said they can't walk into Target without spending $100 I would be rich.  There are times I can be very smart about a purchase and there are times when I can't.  Times I buy stuff that I don't need.  Times that I buy stuff for Leyton because it's cute.  I once did a spending give up and it went really well.  It was amazing how much money I felt like I had when I wasn't buying junk I didn't need.  Thing is, I was stuck at home unable to walk so the temptation wasn't quite there like it is now.

So, I've teamed up with my niece (yes I'm talking to you CAREY) who is super excited ready to start on this journey with me.  I'm calling it the "Should I buy this" shopping freeze.  The way it works is simple.  Carey and I both have phones.  Phones that take pictures that we are using all the time anyway.  Starting August 1 we are going to try and put a stop to buying things we don't need, even the things we rationalize to ourselves that we DO need.  If I see something I want, I have to take a picture of it...send it to Carey and ultimately she has to decide if I should buy it.  She might ask me questions, she might tell me she needs 24 hours to think about it, she might just ignore my text all together.  If I don't hear back from her or she tells me no...then I can't buy it.  We are going to do this for the entire month of August and if I can get her to commit...for the rest of the year.  We can still buy the necessities: groceries, toiletries (that we need - not just because we found a cool looking new shampoo).  All other items have to be approved: clothes, toiletries, household items, magazines, books, music, etc, etc.  It's a buddy system that is there to help you save some dough.

Will you join us?  If so, find yourself a buddy and leave a comment below that you will be participating.  We'll do a check in mid month to see how everyone is doing.  I plan on keeping a little notebook with me and writing down the price of the things I don't get to buy, so I have a tally on how much I would have spent otherwise.

Let's help each other not buy this.

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