Sunday, July 22, 2012

SactoMoFo is Yummy!

Yesterday was a long, hot and great day!  The Getty Owl Foundation joined in with SactoMoFo to bring some crafters to their 5th mobile food truck event.  Let me start by saying...IT WAS HOT!  I mean seriously hot.  We are in the sun the entire day and I don't think I've ever gotten as close to heat exhaustion before.  I drank 8 bottles of Dasani, had a half of a soda, a BIG smoothie, a big bottle of Smart Water, a half a can of coconut water (which I hate), a large sparkling water and a snow cone and I only peed twice.  SERIOUSLY.  I felt faint and on the verge of vomiting for most of the day.

The only thing that saved me was...the food!  Oh my heavens was there an abundance of it.  The lines started forming at 11am...the event didn't even start till noon!  The first thing I tried was some lumpia, can you say macaroni cheese and bacon lumpia?  I also got a waffle from Volkswaffle because the name is awesome and the set up unbelievably cute.  The line that was the longest though was for The Chairman.  I watched that line for hours waiting for it to die down and FINALLY at 3pm it was short.  I jammed over and got myself a chicken and a pork belly steamed bun.

I seriously am now a bun girl.  Those things are to DIE FOR.

I also gave a booth called Red Truck a try because I was on the verge of passing out and had to get something in my system.  Plus, they are a Truckee based truck and I will be there in a week.  Oh man, will I be going to see them while I'm in Truckee.  I had a half of a burrito which was DELICIOUS and filled with quinoa.

Overall the day was awesome and I couldn't have asked for better vendors.  I'm so pumped for GETty Crafty in's going to be an amazing group of talented people..I can already feel it!

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