Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear AT&T

Hi, it's me Stacey.  I'm thinking that is really all I have to say because the amount of time we have spent talking to each other in the last few months I shouldn't even have to tell you who this should just recognize my voice.  See, we haven't known each other long but I felt it was important for me to tell everyone the story of our relationship.  I hope you don't mind.

We met when I moved to a new area.  I was seeing someone else but they weren't allowed in the new area so I had to look for a replacement.  It wasn't love at first site, no I decided to play the field and look around for a while.  There are a lot of fish in the sea and tying the knot with someone right away felt a little scary.  To get to you know I decided to go online, check you a little online dating.  You looked good AT&T.  You had nice features and you weren't going to charge me a ton to be in my life.  So, I decided to hook up with you.  Problem is, you didn't acknowledge me.  You told me I didn't live in an area you liked to go in.  Crazy I thought!  The people who lived in the house before had you.  Did you just not like me?  So, I called your friend, someone that worked for you.  The friend told me it was just a glitch and to force the relationship because it would go through.  Guess what, it didn't.  I got an email saying you were breaking up with me.  We hadn't even really spent any time together yet!  So I called and talked to another one of your friends.  This friend told me that the reason you weren't talking to me was because I didn't have my address right.  That I was saying I lived on a Road and you thought I lived on a Drive.  I was new to the area so I assumed that I got it wrong and you were right.  I set up an arrangement to date you again and then went and re-changed all my change of addresses because of my incorrect use of Road.

A day later though, I went by my address and realized...wait a is Road!  I wasn't wrong, you were!  Oh well I thought.  I figured I'd leave it to you to figure out.  I must admit though I was a little pissed because now I would be changing addresses again.  Oh well I thought again and I waited for you to arrive at my door.

You didn't show up.  Well, your friend UPS said you actually did show up.  They said they gave you a ride and left you on my porch.  When I got home though you weren't there.  Were you looking for Drive?  Were you lost too?  I called your friend again.  This friend told me there was nothing they could do.  They told me you were on my porch and if I didn't find you on my porch I would need to talk to UPS.  So, I called UPS.  Guess what they said?  They said THEY couldn't help me either.  The only way to investigate where you ended up would be for YOUR friend to request an investigation.  So I called your friend again.  The friend tried to help me, hung up on me and then tried to help me some more.  The friend also told me that although I was originally told you would cost $24, you would actually cost $29.  Oops, your bad.

Guess what happened next?  I spent 3 hours in total on the phone with a few of your friends.  Everyone didn't want to talk to me.  Everyone said I should talk to someone else and then I would get sent back to another person.  I was hung up on MULTIPLE times during transfers and all in all I spent 3 hours trying to find out where you were and if you could be replaced.  I hit Twitter and started complaining about you and only then did I get somewhere.

A couple days later you showed up.  Maybe you were on a bender, maybe you were nervous...I will never know.  I brought you inside and made you a home.  I started to trust you.  We were getting along, you were working fast for me.  I decided I needed more of you in my life.  I called your friends again and spent over an hour on the phone (and two hang ups during transfers) trying to order your friend phone.  The order was placed and I was told your friend phone would show up at my house in about a week or two.  Guess what?  Phone never showed up.  At this point I figured screw it...I could live without phone and would just have to live with you and learn to trust you again.

Then, you started charging me.  You charged me an extra $100 to have you.  No one ever told me about that.  I called your friends who assured me that it was a mistake, a one time only fee and I would get a rebate.  Then you charged me again, ANOTHER $100.  I called your friends again and they said they would ignore the 2nd $100 charge and the first one would be a rebate...I just had to talk to someone else to get the rebate.  Then I was hung up on.  Finally I did talk to someone and they told me I was not eligible for a rebate because I had no other services with you.  Really?  See, I thought I ordered a phone over a month ago and phone never arrived?!  I hung up.  I couldn't take it anymore AT&T.

Then you shut off my service.  You were pissed that I hadn't paid you.  So I called your friends again.  I spent two hours on the phone with them.  I was hung up on twice.  I received a partial credit and was told phone was back on order and would be at the house soon.

Here's the deal AT&T.  We are stuck together now.  I have to keep you for two years.  I've had relationships that haven't lasted that long.  My son only just turned two and damn it's been a long road.  The thing is though, I'm paying you!  I'm paying you and you haven't been nice or made this easy for me at all.  You've wasted a ton of my time, over 5 hours at least by my calculations.  I also have never in my life been hung up on as much during transfers or holds as I have with you and last I ARE a phone company?!  This is a really shitty start AT&T and yet no one seems to care what I've gone through.  I'm with you and now I have to deal with it.  Guess I should have fished some more.  The least I can do is try to encourage others to KEEP FISHING!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is how they treat All their customers. I had all the same problems. They flat out lie to you and hang up on you when you try to cancel their service. They can send all the collecters they want after me. They are not getting a dime from me.


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