Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I recently read on a blog Girls Gone Child about a company called Wittlebee.  The idea is simple, you create a profile for your child and they will send you a box of clothes each month based on their needs.  The cost $40 for 8 items.  There was a GREAT discount code on the blog so I decided to give it a try.

On Saturday my box came and it was love at first site.

This company is NAILING the marketing right on the head.  From the printed bee on the box to the cute tissue and sticker inside.  Then I started unpacking the clothes.  Brands like Carter and American Apparel.  I got a mix of 5 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts.  There is not one item in the box that I didn't like.

Today we put together this outfit for Leyton using a shirt and shorts from the box, the hat we already had (although I'm happy to notice that Wittlebee has added accessories!)

If you want to try out this site, click this link and get a $10 discount off your first box.  That's $30 for EIGHT ITEMS!!!

I'm in love.

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