Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was a BLAST.  So many things on the calendar, some of which I will be talking about later!  Leyton and I spent the weekend checking out some of the local attractions in West Sac.  We knew there was a park with a water feature near by so on Saturday we went to check it out.  Of course, we had to stop at Target first because we were out of sunscreen.  Leyton has definitely figured out how to use the camera on the phone and I'm having fun making a collage with the photos he is taking.

We made it to the Bridgeway Lakes Splash Park and it was awesome!  Leyton loves laughing and screaming when the buckets would dump their water.  He's still nervous around water so I'm hoping this changes soon.  The funny thing is if you give him a hose he will spray himself like crazy but put him near a water table, kiddie pool or water park and he's hands off!  He did accidentely stand underneath a bucket when it was dropping and thankfully didn't freak out too much.

After the water park we headed to Wicked West Pizza.  This is a small pizza place down the street that has a mini Chuck E Cheese inside.  Leyton loved all the lights and hit the jackpot on a Frogger game winning 500 tickets!  He literally sat on the floor and just watched the tickets come flooding out.

The older kids were SUPER jealous.  He scored himself a football, two cars, an echo microphone and a couple Sponge Bob tattoos.

It was so much fun discovering some of the new places that we can go together.  Next up is the aquatics center!

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