Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Steep Raving Cabins

This past weekend the hubs was going to be out of town so I asked my girlfriend Wendy if she wanted to take a road trip with Leyton and I.  I wasn't sure at the time where we would go.  Maybe the city, maybe the ocean, maybe a theme park.  I realized right away that I wanted to go to the ocean.  I figured we could make an overnighter out of it and find a place to throw up a tent and sleep.

I'm not super familiar with camping on/near the coast and have only stayed one place.  The Steep Ravine Environmental Cabins near Stinson Beach.  It was the first place I thought of and knew that while they have cabins that are impossible to get, they also have a camp ground.  I felt like we would be safe there so I went online to ReserveAmerica to see if a camp site was open.  Much to my surprise a cabin was open for Saturday night.  I have been trying to reserve a cabin for over 10 years and never have seen an opening.  I jumped on it and Saturday Wendy and I spent the night there with Leyton.

It was perfect, just like I remembered it (only with new and improved bathrooms) when I was younger.  The cabins are wood with no electricity and no running water.  There is a wood burning stove inside each one and elevated platforms for the bed.  Each cabin has a large window facing the ocean that opens wide up to let in the fresh air.  They are gorgeous.

I'm so happy I got to experience this with Leyton and I hope it's not another 10 years until I get to go back!!

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