Friday, June 01, 2012

Sled Dogs

I've filled this blog with so much ranting and raving lately I thought I would cheer you up a bit, give you something to laugh about.

The new house is very close to where Leyton attends daycare.  This is wonderful because I can go home after work, walk over and get him and then we can walk home together.  The first day that I did this I was soo excited and figured that I might as well take Barley with me so he could get some exercise.  I was going to leave Whisky at home because he has a lame shoulder and doesn't know how not to be crazy on the first part of a walk so by the time we reach the end of the block I am dragging him along.  At heart, he is very lazy.

Then Whisky saw me get the leash and the excitement could not be contained.  I knew I had to take both dogs.  I was trying to figure out how this was going to work.  Two dogs and a two year old that typically doesn't like to stay with Mom.  The images of what could go wrong were running abundant in my head but I was excited and I was committed.

I took the dogs through the garage and realized that I didn't bring a poop bag.  My dogs NEVER poop anywhere except for home but I figured I better take a bag or this would be the one time they did and I lived to regret it.  I knew I couldn't take the dogs back inside and they wouldn't stay put in the open garage.  The only option left was to tie them up.

I figured that the lawn mower would be perfect so I wedged a wheel and tied them to the handle and ran back inside.  I could hear Barley barking the moment I left.  In the minute it took me to get back, the site I returned to was enough to make me pee my pants.  Two dogs in the middle of the street with a lawnmower on its side, a lawnmower bag strewn about the driveway and a lawn mower wheel sitting on the curb.  Oh, and a Honda Accord patiently laughing waiting for me to get the dogs out of her way.

Needless to say the dogs became sled dogs and were so freaked out by the lawn mower that was chasing them that they really took off and yep, the lawnmower is busted.  Score one for the idiot mom.

Thankfully this was the most traumatic part of our walk, the rest was absolutely enjoyable.  I also found the perfect way for Leyton to stay with me, he gets to walk Barley himself.

Win, Win!

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