Monday, June 04, 2012


I was so proud of myself moving into the new house and getting everything unpacked that first weekend.  Even though it was organized and still didn't feel like home.  I knew that it was because we had no pictures.  Nothing on the walls meant a lack of personalization.  I had one goal in mind this weekend....hang photos!

I spent Sunday doing just that.  I had Kate come over to give me advice on where to place things.  I still have prints I am waiting on since a few rooms will have new art, but overall I am in LOVE with how things fit into the space.

The top left is the main hallway.  On the left hand side are old family pictures.  Pictures of my Mom and Dad and Bill's Mom and Dad when they were young.  More will be added to this wall, I just need to get frames.  There is a S above my side of the family and a B on Bill's side of the family.  For Severson and Ball or Stacey and Bill...however you want to look at it.  I have discovered an interesting use of the letters S, B and L since Bill and I came together but that is another post for another time.

The middle left is the Leyton's room.  I hung some of the existing art he had but found these cool truck decals at Target.  He loves trucks and it makes it a nice piece of art that is easy to remove later.

The bottom left is our Donner Lake print in the dining room.  It's AMAZING how small that picture looks... it is actually MASSIVE.  The big right photo is our office which is a combination of music and racing.  I tried making it a very Bill friendly room.

Hanging pictures really makes it feel like home.

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Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Congrats on the new place - agree on pictures making all the difference, I need more artwork round the place. I'd love to have spare cash to splash and be someone who buys from galleries on a regular basis.


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