Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leyton's Room

When we first moved I had a brilliant idea that I would transition Leyton into a "Big Boy Bed" at the new house. I knew I wanted to put a bed in his room regardless so we would have a place to sit and read books and I'd have a place to snuggle with him on the nightmare nights. I thought it would just make sense to have that also be the place he slept.

 I was so excited when I found a friend giving away a set of bunk beds for free. When I picked them up I realized that if not put together, I just had two twin beds. Not only that, but if I kept the upper bunk I had a bed that I didn't have to buy child rails for. It was perfect!

The bed was white and I spent a couple days painting it dark blue. I got some cheap $20 bedding from Walmart with trucks on it (his current favorite) and found a matching vinyl wall art set and matching night light at Target.

 Unfortunately, the idea to move to a big boy bed was a BIG mistake. Too much change for a little guy so we brought the crib in. It fits perfectly in the room but just means that the updated lockers that I want to put in there will have to wait for a while. I still have to repaint them anyway!

It's nice that Leyton has a room and a place to play. The build in cabinets instead of a closet are GENIUS and all of the bottom cabinets are being used for toy storage. Next up, the office.

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