Sunday, June 03, 2012

Just me and the kid.

This weekend the hub went to Tahoe with some friends and I stayed behind with my little man.  He was still having some trouble adjusting to the new house so I didn't want to uproot him to a new place and then come home again.  We had a fun weekend planned with a birthday party on Friday and a Cook Off on Saturday.  I wanted to be sure we kept busy since this was going to be the first time that he was without his Daddy.

Saturday was off to a raging start when Leyton realized that he had access to all of his toys in his room and DEMOLISHED it.  He even discovered some unopened toys from his birthday and brought out a construction set.  The best part of that set was this

Him playing handy man.  The worst part is that right there on the box it claims SEVENTY PIECES in all its capitalized glory.  This really just meant 70 piece pick up for Mommy.  Not a fun game at all.

When we got to the Cook Off Leyton was a bit shy around the strangers and other kids.  He stuck close to Mom and the only time he went exploring was in the house.  He wanted to look from room to room.  He discovered the office and had a good old time standing and dancing casually to the music that was playing in there.  It was hilarious to just watch him checking things out.

There was a bounce house at the party and at first he had no interest in going in.  After a couple hours he finally decided to check it out, but went right inside and then came back out.  A bit later, he went inside and sat in the far corner just watching the kids bounce...and then came right back out.  A bit later he found his bouncing legs and I could barely get him out of that thing!  The big kids came in to play a round of dodge ball and Leyton just bounced around in between them.  I kept waiting for him to take a ball to the head but we managed to come out unscathed.

Overall it was a great weekend alone with my dude, he was a great little party animal!

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