Monday, June 18, 2012

Height Ruler DIY

I've known since before Leyton was born that I wanted some place to measure him.  We have all of the measurements of Bill from when he was growing up and it just seemed like a cute thing to compare.  Since we don't own a home I wanted to make sure it was portable.

I saw this idea on Houzz and it was love at first site.  I pinned it right away.  I thought about buying it over and over again.  Then I realized...why am I not making this?

I did just that this weekend and figured I'd show you how to do it as well!

I picked up a board from Lowes that was cut to the perfect size, 6' tall x 8" wide by 1" thick.  I also got some wood stain, a paint brush and some stencil numbers (found with the street marking supplies) and a large sharpie.  I also used some varnish that I had on hand from my paint supplies.

I started by staining the board.  It only took one coat and looking back I probably would go with a stain just a bit lighter if I did it again, but overall the stain I chose goes well with the wood in my house.  Once stained and dried I used a tape measure to make all of the inch lines.  I started at 5 inches because I knew this would hang 4 inches off of the ground.  You could play around with this depending on where you want your ruler to hang.

I used a large sharpie and a level to make sure my lines were perfectly straight.  Every third line was longer than the others.  Once the lines were on I taped the number stencils on the board next to the appropriate foot line.

I used a sharpie to fill these in as well and did two coats to make sure they were dark enough.  Once I peeled the stencil off I filled in the numbers to make them solid (instead of leaving those little stencil separations.)

I finished up with one coat of the varnish and mounted a picture hanger on the back.


My plan is to mark Leyton's height directly on the board with a metallic paint pen.  If you wanted your board to stay clean on the front you could also mark heights along the edge.  If you didn't want to hang you could also start your board at 0" and just prop it against a wall.

Overall it was a fun easy project and cost me about $8 to make...which means that I saved almost $80 not having one shipped to me!

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Danielle said...

That's seriously cute! If I was a little more handy, I would totally do that.


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