Friday, June 22, 2012

Can you help me Judge Judy, it's me Stacey?

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to hear what the final verdict was on getting our deposit back from the landlord.  I can sum it up for you with one picture.

Bullshit.  When we did our final walk through everything went great.  We chatted about things that were going on in the house, chatted about things we had done to the place and overall just had a pleasant conversation.  Martha was in a Dr. Jekyll mood that day and left telling me how thankful she was to have good tenants, how clean we kept the place and while there were repairs to be done...none of them were at our hands.  I could expect the deposit right away.

On day 21, the final day in which it can show up, the check above showed up.  Our original deposit was $875.  She provided an itemized list of what needed to be done, which I will share with you here.

1. Late charge for May rent.  This is valid as I was hoping to vacate earlier and was waiting for an answer to that question.
2.  Tub repair.  Removed 6 rubber strips placed on the bottom of the tub, strips took off the porcelain.  Valid, there were 6 strips and when we moved most of them had ripped off removing the porcelain underneath.  However, I am not 90 years old and have NEVER put these sort of adhesive strips down anywhere I have lived.  I don't have a trouble falling in the tub.  When Leyton was born the only thing I put in the tub was a no slip mat that SUCTIONED to the bottom of the tub.
3.  Extra paint and labor required to cover yellow paint in the kitchen, vibrant turquoise in back bedroom and a very dark dark blue in the front bedroom.  We lived in our house for almost 13 years.  In that time she painted one room, the living room in 2005.  The one other room I tried to get painted was Leyton's bedroom before he was born.  The wall would get serious mold growing on it and a HUGE section of paint had fallen off the wall.  You can see pictures of this by clicking here.  By April she had not painted, I was due in May, so I hired a painter myself, all of which I paid for.  I had that same man come back and paint this room again, a darker blue in 2011 as well as the kitchen yellow.  After 13 years she is claiming that because she has to paint those rooms it is my responsibility to pay for them.  She is going to paint nothing else inside the house....after THIRTEEN YEARS.  Lord help the next tenants.
4.  One key not returned for the side garage door.  She is charging me $1.50 for this.  No mention to the fact that the key she actually gave me was for the INTERIOR garage door which was not on the list but was returned.  Also, this door knob does not work right anyway so if she did have a key she couldn't lock it.
5.  Labor to replace hole placed in middle of living room/dining room wall at a height of four feet above the baseboards.  Comcast updated all of the old cables in the house and moved our outlet closer to the tv.  They did put it high right behind our tv.  We could have fixed this for less than $5 before we moved if she had mentioned it being an issue in the walk through.  She is charging us $40.
6.  Tenants cut an additional hole in the front bedroom wall for their computer.  Rather than repair the hole a white plastic cover was placed over it.  This was also a Comcast cable...not a HUGE hole.  We removed the wire, filled the hole on the outside of the house and into the wall.  The inside had been painted and we didn't want to put a big white putty mark so we instead bought one of those wall plates to put over it.  Now, the other hole is $40 to fix...this one $20.  It's the same damn hole.
7.  Broken ballast in front window above hole in the wall, part only.  This is wear and tear.  We did nothing to make the window break.  It still went up and down, it just had an inner piece that would slide out.
8.  Broken lock on sliding door.  This will lock, it just will sometimes automatically fall locked if you close the slider hard.  This is wear and tear, we did not cause this to break.
9.  Cleaned: Stove, stove vent, wall and flour surrounding stove, removed acid food stain from side of stove. Cleaned all windows and ledges and window tracks.  Cleaned two bread boards one of which was damaged with a knife.  Removed contact paper from nine drawers.  Cleaned outside of all cabinets and inside too.  Front closet.  I don't even know where to being here.  The place was clean, in fact I PAID someone to come clean it.  The stove is over 40 years old EASILY and is her prized possession.  It's gross, it's yellow, it doesn't even work right.  I didn't put contact paper in anything, I actually HATE contact paper. Oh, and last time I USE A KNIFE ON A DAMN CUTTING BOARD!

In a nutshell, we had a conversation, she was ridiculous (Mr. Hyde) as usual and I am taking her to small claims court.  At this point, while I'd love the money back, it's not even about the money.  It is more about the fact that she is insulting my character by saying that I did all of these things and not paying attention to the fact of ANYTHING I did do.  You can see pictures of what it looked like when I moved out by clicking here.

I'm sick, I'm disgusted, I'm insulted, I'm sad.....and I am ready to fight.

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