Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We're moving on up!

We got a place!  The day after my last blog post things all worked out and we were handed keys to our new home.  I can't even believe it is going to happen.  We have been in our old house for sooooo long the idea of moving seems almost foreign.  Like I can't wait to do it, but have no idea how to!

The new house is like a MANSION.  It's almost double what we have now.  My baby can have his own bedroom and there will be a room for guests when they come visit.  Everything is clean, everything is going to feel so new.  We will be able to PARK IN A GARAGE!  I can't believe it.

There are things I will miss of the old place, the lemon tree, the orange tree....just all the damn trees.  It really is a lovely neighborhood, but I'm tired of paying for location.  I'm ready to pay for the actual house itself.  We can walk to the park, we can walk to Leyton's daycare.  There is a lovely aquatic center and this mommy can start swimming again.

We will be in our house for the rest of this month.  It's going to be hectic and crazy for a while so bear with me while the dust all settles.

If you'd like to see pics of our new digs, click here.

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