Monday, May 14, 2012

My beautiful boy.

It's such a cliche, but how did it happen?  How did you turn two years old?  It feels like only yesterday that I spent hours in a hospital trying to get you to come out.  Oh when you did though, when I saw that beautiful face

it was love at first site.  You were everything I imagined.  Everything I ever wanted.  You were perfect.  I spent the first three months home with you, trying to figure you out.  It was tough, oh man was it tough.  The hardest thing I had ever done.  We did it though.  We made it through that first year and I will never forget watching you smash your first cake.

That seems like only yesterday.

This past year has been even more exciting.  Watching you learn, watching you talk, just watching you.  I could spend a million lifetimes watching you.  You grew up to look so much like me, but have the quirky spirit of your daddy.  We have laughed together, sung together and cried together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Every day you learn something new and I think you are a genius.  You read books (which I know you just have memorized) and sing songs.  You love your daddy and watching the two of you together makes me realize what it is all about.

You ask for a cookie every morning for breakfast.  50% of the time you don't even eat it.  You just sit there holding your cookie.  I think you just like to know I will give it to you.  You are obsessed with the movie the Polar Express.  It is the only thing you ask for and the only thing you will watch over and over again.  I have a feeling we will be watching it until Christmas.  You are such a stubborn little boy.  If you want something you will fight to the finish and melt down if you don't get it.  A very independent spirit, you don't want to hold hands and if you go outside you immediately take off.  Your Daddy and I are always running after you!!  You love to be outside, love to play in the water, love to run around with your doggies.  You let us know whenever you see a "stinky beagle" which is your term for dog poop.  We're not sure where you got that from, but I hope you call them "stinky beagles" your whole life.  After a bath your most favorite thing in the whole world is to get wrapped up in your robe.  You tell us you want to be a "burrito" and I sing a little made up song while I'm wrapping you up.

I can't believe how fast this past year has gone and yet I look forward to all there is to come together.  I want to show you the world and watch you take it all in.  I want to be the best mommy I can and I know that you will make sure that I am.  I love you little dude.  You have had my heart from the beginning and you will have it until the very end.

Thank you for making me a better version of me.  Happy 2nd Birthday Leyton!

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Rebecca said...

Leyton is one lucky little boy to have you for his mom.


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