Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For Rent

I spoke of looking for a new rental a couple years months ago.  We are stillllll looking.  The first place I found was the perfect place.  Corner lot, lots of space, in a court, great neighborhood.  I went back and forth with the owner and remained patient while some of her family that was currently living in the house moved out.  When they finally did move out, she decided to rent it for $300 more than original talked about.

I didn't email her back after that.

Since then there hasn't been much as appealing as that place.  Either there isn't room, or the neighbors are stacked on top of each other.  I also had another renter raise the rent after the initial conversation.

Today I went to look at a place.  Had an appointment with a property management agency at 8:00am this morning after I dropped off my son.

They no showed.  How does that happen?  I sat in front of the house for thirty minutes looking like an asshole casing the joint.  The odds are definitely NOT in our favor right now....and obviously by that sentence...yes, I read The Hunger Games.


Kerri K said...

I think a new place came up in my neighborhood I will check out tonite and email you details....

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