Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Of course moving into a new place has given me a bug to redecorate some.  While I have stuff I love that I will be bringing over, I also have a lot more new space.  There is a 2nd bathroom that needs bathroom items, an extra bedroom that needs some linens, etc, etc.

I started creating a Pinterest board for the new house and have been slowly gathering ideas and checking some of the projects off.  Some things I will buy, some things I will make or re-purpose.  I'll show you Leyton's new bed soon!

Right now the most frustrating thing is the guest bathroom.  It has an animal print wallpaper, which I actually really like.  I wanted to compliment it, but not go ridiculous.  I found these amazing prints on Etsy that I will be hanging in there.  Then I started looking for bathroom accessories: toothbrush holders, soap dish, etc.  Damn, is that stuff expensive?!  I don't remember paying $10 a piece before.  Thankfully I did find a 5 piece set at Ross for $7.  Now I am left with the shower curtain and this is what I have decided.....

THERE ARE SOME UGLY SHOWER CURTAINS OUT THERE!  Oh heavens, I gasp sometimes at the things I see.  They are also very expensive and often leave me wondering, who is buying this?  Here is what I am looking for.  A gray blue, non shiny fabric shower curtain.  I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE.  Everything is satin or silk or "ritzy."  To me it seems like such a simple thing to find.

On the other hand, if I was looking for horses I would have found this in a heart beat.

SERIOUSLY?!  Do you know how many ridiculous horse shower curtains and accessories there are?  I'm not sure when this set is OK.  When you live on a farm?  Even then, terrible.  The only way I would accept this is if the song "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones or The Sundays was playing on loop.  Then again, Wild Horses couldn't drag me to buy this damn thing.

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