Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choo Choo

This past Saturday I threw a bday party for Leyton!  Two years is a tough one.  I wanted to have a party, but just having everyone at the house seemed kind of boring.  Then I looked into having it at a location but oh holy expensiveness!  I was at a loss when I finally had a thought...what about a train.  Were there any mobile trains?

The answer my friends is YES!

A train showed up at our house and drove a bunch of excited kids around our neighborhood for two hours.  The kids loved it, the parents loved it and most important Leyton LOVED it.  He only missed two rides in the whole two hours and didn't even eat his cake because he wanted to get back outside and go on the train.

I kept the decorations simple though.  With the upcoming move I didn't have a lot of time or energy to put into making all sorts of train related items and I figured Leyton wouldn't notice anyway.  Thanks to the blog Making It Lovely and Nicole's train party a week before mine I got a wonderful idea for a simple cake to make.  It was an absolute hit and one of the easiest cakes I've ever made!

Here's to a successful 2nd birthday party!

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