Thursday, May 17, 2012

A bit itchy.

Yesterday I went to Kaiser for my THIRD allergy test.  Yes, you read that right...THIRD.  See, when I was in high school I had no allergies.  I never sneezed, I never got itchy BUT if we drove through a grove of eucalyptus I would have trouble breathing.  Since I was going to Australia we thought perhaps I should be tested.

It turned out I was allergic to everything and they recommended shots.  Of course I was 17 and had no allergies so why would I ever do shots?!

Fast forward to about 10 years later.  I reached a point where not only did I have allergies, but I had them almost 365 days a year.  At times they were completely debilitating.  I couldn't leave the house and would shut all the windows and sometimes just Benedryl myself until oblivion.  I decided it was time to do shots and so I had another test.  The shots started, but I kept getting sick that winter and the shots kept having to be put on hold.  I was also given an prescription for Astelin and have used it ever since.

Then I got pregnant.  My allergies disappeared.  Leyton is now two years old and they are slowly coming back.  I can't use Astelin anymore because the inside of my nose is starting to feel like that of a line snorter.  So I have two choices.

A.  Keep having babies


B.  Have any allergy test and do shots again.

Annnnnnd, the allergy tests have it!

You have to wait 15 minutes for a reaction...this picture was after only 5 minutes.  Obviously you can see I am VERY allergic to most everything.  The only thing on my clear side is dogs, cats, dander and mold.  It was not a fun test to have done although much more fun on the arm than the back which was way worse in my opinion.

I'll start shots in July.  Wish me luck.

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