Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The key....

We've moved, new house, blah blah...great blog post to give you about that, but we'll save that for later.  For now I have more ridiculousness to share with you.  Just in case you were thinking, "I don't know what Stacey's problem is...her landlord isn't that bad."

I told my landlord, who we will call Martha, that she could come to the house whenever she wanted to take care of anything she needed to.  I did it to be nice.  I did it in hopes that she would be nice back.  We aren't there anyway so what would it matter.

Yesterday she called and we had a nice chat about some of the things I was still working on and to schedule the final walk through for tomorrow.  There was an item that she had been asking about, and I also let her know that I couldn't find this item and would be replacing it.

It's called a Sprinkler Valve Key.  What does it do?  It helps give leverage so you can turn your sprinklers on and off.  Do we use it?  No.  Does she?  Apparently so.  I sent the husband to Home Depot and told him to pick one up, that way she wouldn't "bill" us for one.

This morning I dropped it off.

At lunch time I received a nice message from her, in a tizzy because the Sprinkler Valve Key that was there THIRTEEN YEARS AGO was short and the one that I replaced it with is long and it's important she has a short one like the one that was there before.

Now what difference does this make you might ask?  Well, with a short one you have to bend over in a hunch so you can turn the sprinklers on and off.  With a long one you can stand up nice and tall and turn the sprinklers on and off.  Makes a ton of sense right?

Tomorrow we do our final walk through.  I got her the short Sprinkler Valve Key she was looking for and I'm going to tell her just what she can do with the long one.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A better mommy....

Years ago in a previous life I had a job that required me to be on the road in my car A LOT.  In that time I found that talking to someone on the phone was an easy way to pass the time.  In my current life it is something that I still do, although ALWAYS with a headset.  It's my time to get in touch with people, to chat with friends about the day and to catch up with my mom.  When I'm at home I have NO DESIRE to talk on the phone.  Being on the phone or sitting on a PC when I am at home is worse for me than cleaning the bathroom.

Leyton typically gets a ride home from his Dad.  I have no idea what happens on those rides, but I have realized that I get little snippets of what that car ride must be like on the rare occasion that I have to pick him up.  He shows me the poppy flowers growing by the freeway, he says "Here we go!" when we are about to go into a curve on the freeway and then says "Weeeee" when we are in the turn.  He wants to listen to the music and sing along to his favorite songs.

Here's the thing.  I miss these moments.  I miss them because many times I am on my phone talking to someone, all the while he is in the back seat trying to interact with me.  It was on a ride home this week that once I finally got home and got off my phone I realized what a SHITTY Mommy moment this was.  A moment that I was taking advantage of because in my mind there might be a million more moments like this.  I felt terrible and still do for that matter.  I don't want to be a Mommy that takes advantage of moments with my child.

I made a pact with myself that day that under no circumstances would I talk on the phone will Leyton is in the car.  This might mean I don't get to talk to some people as much, but it also means I will get to enjoy my son more and he will have my attention.  I will be a better Mommy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Of course moving into a new place has given me a bug to redecorate some.  While I have stuff I love that I will be bringing over, I also have a lot more new space.  There is a 2nd bathroom that needs bathroom items, an extra bedroom that needs some linens, etc, etc.

I started creating a Pinterest board for the new house and have been slowly gathering ideas and checking some of the projects off.  Some things I will buy, some things I will make or re-purpose.  I'll show you Leyton's new bed soon!

Right now the most frustrating thing is the guest bathroom.  It has an animal print wallpaper, which I actually really like.  I wanted to compliment it, but not go ridiculous.  I found these amazing prints on Etsy that I will be hanging in there.  Then I started looking for bathroom accessories: toothbrush holders, soap dish, etc.  Damn, is that stuff expensive?!  I don't remember paying $10 a piece before.  Thankfully I did find a 5 piece set at Ross for $7.  Now I am left with the shower curtain and this is what I have decided.....

THERE ARE SOME UGLY SHOWER CURTAINS OUT THERE!  Oh heavens, I gasp sometimes at the things I see.  They are also very expensive and often leave me wondering, who is buying this?  Here is what I am looking for.  A gray blue, non shiny fabric shower curtain.  I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE.  Everything is satin or silk or "ritzy."  To me it seems like such a simple thing to find.

On the other hand, if I was looking for horses I would have found this in a heart beat.

SERIOUSLY?!  Do you know how many ridiculous horse shower curtains and accessories there are?  I'm not sure when this set is OK.  When you live on a farm?  Even then, terrible.  The only way I would accept this is if the song "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones or The Sundays was playing on loop.  Then again, Wild Horses couldn't drag me to buy this damn thing.

Monday, May 21, 2012


We are in our house just one more week.  It's hard to imagine.  There is still a ton to move but we are making good progress getting into the new place.  I can't wait to be inside and start setting it up.  I definitely want to have the feel of our old house but I'm ready for some changes as well.  That's all going to take time though unless I find a magic box of money hidden somewhere while I'm packing.

Last week I had the first walk through with our current landlord.  In case you didn't know or need a refresher, read this to understand some of the relationship she and I have.  Needless to say I was not all too excited about this walk through.  How did it go?  Well, it was "fine" but I'm still uncertain how this is all going to go down.  What I mean by this is.....I want my fucking deposit back.

We've lived there almost 13 years.  In that 13 years she has painted the living room and redid some of the floors.  That's it.  I mean don't get me wrong, when the a/c went out she replaced it.  When the dishwasher broke she got a new one.  On the other hand, when mold started growing on the walls it was because we weren't keeping it hot enough.  When the oven started getting so hot you could burn yourself on the outside she had some crack job person come out to talk about how wonderful her ugly yellow 1970's oven is.  Nothing else has been painted.  Nothing else has been updated.  We never get a check in to see if anything needs to be worked on.

I on the other hand have painted all other rooms in the house, some of them twice.  I have had curtains made for the sliding door and large window in our bonus room because she never came through with promised curtains.  I have updated the lighting in four of the rooms.  I have installed new dimer switches in two rooms and updated the outlets in same room.  I have updated all the bathroom shelving and towel racks.  Do you want me to keep going?

Let's just put it this way.  I have done A LOT.  I have done more than any other renter would do.  I have updated her house and treated it as if it were my own.  I have billed her for nothing.

I'm not sure why exactly I've put up with it as long as I have.  Now that we are almost out of there I couldn't get out fast enough.  I have a feeling she is going to nickle and dime us for that deposit.  I'm a nice girl.  I treat people with respect and especially have respect for my elders.  I tell you what though, she better have valid reasons for anything she is keeping or I am taking that old bitch down!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A bit itchy.

Yesterday I went to Kaiser for my THIRD allergy test.  Yes, you read that right...THIRD.  See, when I was in high school I had no allergies.  I never sneezed, I never got itchy BUT if we drove through a grove of eucalyptus I would have trouble breathing.  Since I was going to Australia we thought perhaps I should be tested.

It turned out I was allergic to everything and they recommended shots.  Of course I was 17 and had no allergies so why would I ever do shots?!

Fast forward to about 10 years later.  I reached a point where not only did I have allergies, but I had them almost 365 days a year.  At times they were completely debilitating.  I couldn't leave the house and would shut all the windows and sometimes just Benedryl myself until oblivion.  I decided it was time to do shots and so I had another test.  The shots started, but I kept getting sick that winter and the shots kept having to be put on hold.  I was also given an prescription for Astelin and have used it ever since.

Then I got pregnant.  My allergies disappeared.  Leyton is now two years old and they are slowly coming back.  I can't use Astelin anymore because the inside of my nose is starting to feel like that of a line snorter.  So I have two choices.

A.  Keep having babies


B.  Have any allergy test and do shots again.

Annnnnnd, the allergy tests have it!

You have to wait 15 minutes for a reaction...this picture was after only 5 minutes.  Obviously you can see I am VERY allergic to most everything.  The only thing on my clear side is dogs, cats, dander and mold.  It was not a fun test to have done although much more fun on the arm than the back which was way worse in my opinion.

I'll start shots in July.  Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choo Choo

This past Saturday I threw a bday party for Leyton!  Two years is a tough one.  I wanted to have a party, but just having everyone at the house seemed kind of boring.  Then I looked into having it at a location but oh holy expensiveness!  I was at a loss when I finally had a thought...what about a train.  Were there any mobile trains?

The answer my friends is YES!

A train showed up at our house and drove a bunch of excited kids around our neighborhood for two hours.  The kids loved it, the parents loved it and most important Leyton LOVED it.  He only missed two rides in the whole two hours and didn't even eat his cake because he wanted to get back outside and go on the train.

I kept the decorations simple though.  With the upcoming move I didn't have a lot of time or energy to put into making all sorts of train related items and I figured Leyton wouldn't notice anyway.  Thanks to the blog Making It Lovely and Nicole's train party a week before mine I got a wonderful idea for a simple cake to make.  It was an absolute hit and one of the easiest cakes I've ever made!

Here's to a successful 2nd birthday party!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My beautiful boy.

It's such a cliche, but how did it happen?  How did you turn two years old?  It feels like only yesterday that I spent hours in a hospital trying to get you to come out.  Oh when you did though, when I saw that beautiful face

it was love at first site.  You were everything I imagined.  Everything I ever wanted.  You were perfect.  I spent the first three months home with you, trying to figure you out.  It was tough, oh man was it tough.  The hardest thing I had ever done.  We did it though.  We made it through that first year and I will never forget watching you smash your first cake.

That seems like only yesterday.

This past year has been even more exciting.  Watching you learn, watching you talk, just watching you.  I could spend a million lifetimes watching you.  You grew up to look so much like me, but have the quirky spirit of your daddy.  We have laughed together, sung together and cried together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Every day you learn something new and I think you are a genius.  You read books (which I know you just have memorized) and sing songs.  You love your daddy and watching the two of you together makes me realize what it is all about.

You ask for a cookie every morning for breakfast.  50% of the time you don't even eat it.  You just sit there holding your cookie.  I think you just like to know I will give it to you.  You are obsessed with the movie the Polar Express.  It is the only thing you ask for and the only thing you will watch over and over again.  I have a feeling we will be watching it until Christmas.  You are such a stubborn little boy.  If you want something you will fight to the finish and melt down if you don't get it.  A very independent spirit, you don't want to hold hands and if you go outside you immediately take off.  Your Daddy and I are always running after you!!  You love to be outside, love to play in the water, love to run around with your doggies.  You let us know whenever you see a "stinky beagle" which is your term for dog poop.  We're not sure where you got that from, but I hope you call them "stinky beagles" your whole life.  After a bath your most favorite thing in the whole world is to get wrapped up in your robe.  You tell us you want to be a "burrito" and I sing a little made up song while I'm wrapping you up.

I can't believe how fast this past year has gone and yet I look forward to all there is to come together.  I want to show you the world and watch you take it all in.  I want to be the best mommy I can and I know that you will make sure that I am.  I love you little dude.  You have had my heart from the beginning and you will have it until the very end.

Thank you for making me a better version of me.  Happy 2nd Birthday Leyton!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Chair

There are times in my life in which I see items that I just know that I can't have.  Sometimes I can see something that I love, but I'm OK walking away without it.  Then there are the moments in which I walk away and feel sad.  Like I'm meant to have this item and for whatever reason just can't and so there is a hole.

It's ridiculous, I'll be the first to admit it.  I don't hold a ton of value in things so in these moments when I get so wrapped up in an item it bothers me.  I beat myself up about it and yet at the same time...I find I can't let the item go.

I once went on a girl's shopping trip with my mom and some friends to San Francisco.  At one of the very first stores we went to there was a sweater.  I loved it.  It was pricey.  My mom was willing to get it for me, but that was going to be it for the day.  Since we were just starting I passed up on the sweater.  I still remember that damn thing and am sad that I didn't own it.

Yesterday I met this chair.

It didn't come home with me.  We have a birthday party for my son, moving expenses and a vacation we are paying for so this chair is not in the cards for me right now.

One thing I'm certain of, I am never going to get this chair out of my head.  It's going to remain one of those items I wish I bought.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We're moving on up!

We got a place!  The day after my last blog post things all worked out and we were handed keys to our new home.  I can't even believe it is going to happen.  We have been in our old house for sooooo long the idea of moving seems almost foreign.  Like I can't wait to do it, but have no idea how to!

The new house is like a MANSION.  It's almost double what we have now.  My baby can have his own bedroom and there will be a room for guests when they come visit.  Everything is clean, everything is going to feel so new.  We will be able to PARK IN A GARAGE!  I can't believe it.

There are things I will miss of the old place, the lemon tree, the orange tree....just all the damn trees.  It really is a lovely neighborhood, but I'm tired of paying for location.  I'm ready to pay for the actual house itself.  We can walk to the park, we can walk to Leyton's daycare.  There is a lovely aquatic center and this mommy can start swimming again.

We will be in our house for the rest of this month.  It's going to be hectic and crazy for a while so bear with me while the dust all settles.

If you'd like to see pics of our new digs, click here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For Rent

I spoke of looking for a new rental a couple years months ago.  We are stillllll looking.  The first place I found was the perfect place.  Corner lot, lots of space, in a court, great neighborhood.  I went back and forth with the owner and remained patient while some of her family that was currently living in the house moved out.  When they finally did move out, she decided to rent it for $300 more than original talked about.

I didn't email her back after that.

Since then there hasn't been much as appealing as that place.  Either there isn't room, or the neighbors are stacked on top of each other.  I also had another renter raise the rent after the initial conversation.

Today I went to look at a place.  Had an appointment with a property management agency at 8:00am this morning after I dropped off my son.

They no showed.  How does that happen?  I sat in front of the house for thirty minutes looking like an asshole casing the joint.  The odds are definitely NOT in our favor right now....and obviously by that sentence...yes, I read The Hunger Games.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Bucket Lists

I fight for SMA and with Getty Owl because I believe with all of my heart that no other family should ever be blindsided by a diagnosis of SMA.  No other family should have to decide how far they will go with their child's care.  No family should have to be told that their child may only have less than 2 years to live.  No family should have to fight with and EDUCATE doctor's on their correct treatment for their children.

I can never stand in a SMA families shoes.  I'm never going to know what it's like to deal with that on a daily basis.  I'm never going to know if I have the strength to do it.  Because of that I feel like I need to stay neutral on many things because what it honestly comes down to is I am never going to understand...I'm only going to imagine.

The past few weeks SMA has been getting a lot of attention because of a girl name Avery.  Avery was diagnosed with SMA and like many parents, Avery's decided to turn to the internet.  They may have done it to just spread information to their families, they may have done it with a bigger hope in mind.  Whatever the case may be they started Avery's Bucket List and it spread like wildfire.  

I will take a stand on one thing here in that in the beginning when I first found out about this site I didn't think the parents had all of the information correct. There were comments on lack of research that were not correct, there were also some comments made that I found potentially hurtful to those that have chosen a different path for their children than Avery's family did.  

There were good things too.  There was promotion for testing and an overall promotion of awareness.

In the past few days I have seen more information and talk online about SMA than I ever have before.  My Facebook wall is full of SMA right now.  Here is my hope, that it doesn't die out.  I hope that the passion that Avery's website stirred sticks around and everyone keeps their fires burning.

I have an even bigger hope though, we'll say it's the top item on my bucket list.

Harmony.  I know that sounds so ridiculous.  Here's the thing though, none of us live in another's shoes.  None of us knows what someone can and can't handle.  None of us can know everything that is going on behind the scenes.  The internet is both a blessing and a curse (and there I go sounding 80) but it's true.  We are only looking through the peep hole of someone's front door, there is no way of knowing what is going on in the other rooms.  

Here is what we do know.

We all fucking hate SMA.  Whether you are living with it, your child lives with it, your friends live with it...this disease sucks.  We don't have to agree on ANYTHING other than that.  If we agree on that then we can come together to fight this damn disease.  There is a reason that it takes an army to win a war.  What happened in the last few days really opened my eyes to the fact that this army is VERY divided.  My hope is that we can find harmony and come together to kick this diseases ass.  


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