Friday, April 06, 2012

Little Burrito

Part of this blog is for you the readers to keep updated, or goodness...I'm not even sure why you come here?

Part of this blog, the part that I know the answers to, is for me to keep a baby book so to speak.  A place to store what is going on with Leyton so I can look back and remember and he can look back and know why he is paying so much for therapy.

This is a later kind of post.

Things Leyton loves right now:

The Polar Express movie.  He has NEVER been into watching TV and won't sit through anything, but this dang movie is his most favorite thing.  He asks for it every day, and know what?  If he asks I let him watch it.  The kid isn't even 2 and is speaking sentences, I think we are doing fine on the brain development stages.  He loves the beginning and says, "Go to bed and train will come!"  He can't wait till the train gets there.

Being outside.  Go for walk.  Go for big wheel ride. Go for jeep ride (which means he wants to walk and push the stroller.)  The problem is he is ALL OVER THE PLACE on walks.  I would love if he would walk to the park and then go nuts but unfortunately what used to be a 10-15 minute walk to the park is now 2 hours and by the time we get there I am done.  I know he needs to learn by exploring his environment but there are only so many times I can take keeping him out of the street and off people's porches.

Cars are his favorite toys.  He pushes them around, puts them in his play garage.  He plays with cars more than anything else.  Especially if it is big and has anything that lights up and makes noise.  He absolutely loves garbage day and will stand at the window and watch the big garbage trucks go by.

Fruit snacks.  I curse the day I ever gave him a fruit snack.  Fruit snacks and the fact that he can't always have them create more melt downs in our house than anything else.

Being wrapped up like a burrito after bath.  We even sing a little song about it.  Burrito time is now more fun that bath time and typically he puts one foot in the tub and says, "All done, burrito now."

Play-Doh.  I'm not sure what he likes more, playing with it or licking it.

Going to Grandpa's.  While he knows that Grandma is there too and quickly gives her a hug, he only asks to go to Grandpa's.  It usually is "Go to Grandpa's play piano?"  It's just about the cutest thing ever.  I always wanted to know my Grandpa's and didn't get a chance to.  It's nice that Leyton has a Grandpa in his life.

Things Leyton doesn't love so much:

Having to go to bed.  He wants mommy and he wants her bad.  He will sleep in if mommy is there and by golly if that isn't tempting mommy to always sleep with him.  This kid can fight sleep like nothing I have ever seen.  I'm so glad he hasn't figured out how to climb out of his crib.  We'd be in big trouble.  I'm thinking he'll stay in that bed till he is at least 15 at which point I will be saying, "Are you ever going to get out of bed?!"

Vegetables.  He will still not eat them.  Now when I hide them he figures it out and stops eating what I gave him.  The only veggies he gets are in the pouches or corn.  He loves corn.  He's a good eater though so I don't worry too much about it.  He'll eat them eventually.

Not being allowed to do or have anything in the "loves" category.  Not much explanation needed there.

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