Friday, April 20, 2012

Ladies Night

Last night I had a ladies night out with girls from Honey and my Getty Owl partner in crime Kate.  The goal of the night was to have some drinks, have a great dinner, talk about the upcoming events for Getty Owl and just have some regular old fun time with the ladies.  What I didn't really have on the agenda was a debate about concentrations camps.

When we arrived Meghan and I ordered a drink from the menu.

That drink arrived and it was delicious.  Then comes Kate.  Kate wanted to know what we were drinking and we pointed it out to her, The Krakow Salt Mine.

I think the first words that came out of her mouth were "oh."  The rest went something along the lines of Krakow was a labor camp/concentration camp and today happens to be National Holocaust Remembrance Day and this is all a little awkward.  I'll admit, we all were kind of laughing in a this is all very inappropriate kind of way.  We decided that we should let the restaurant know.  Just give them a heads up that to some that might be very offensive.

Along comes Manager Mc. Douche.  We were very casual.  Told him that we just wanted to give him a heads up that the drink name could offend.  We were calm, we were cool and we had smiles on our face.  What happened next was out of this world.  He started to argue.  Started to tell us that no it was NOT a concentration camp, that we were WRONG, that he had it up online in the back.  It was just a salt mine plain and simple.  Kate then brought some stuff up online too and in her casual cute way said, "Can't you see though how someone could take this the wrong way?"  He replied with a No, because it WASN'T a labor/concentration camp.  He knew more than us.  He then walked away.

We were baffled.  I seriously had NEVER been talked to that way by someone that was supposed to be in a pretty substantial customer service position.  All we needed was a "We will look into that."  It could have been total bull shit too, but the way he handled it was unlike anything I had ever seen.

So, we did what people in this day and age do best.  We hit the WWW.  We started tweeting and Face-booking.  Yep, we were "those people" and damn proud of it.  People started re-tweeting and soon enough an online fire had irrupted.  A fire that eventually included the restaurant.  Only it wasn't the manager it was the social media person and the owner.  In the end Mc. Douche came to our table and back peddled.  He said all the things he should have said before.  He tried to make good saying they were looking into it.  Saying that the bar tender did it for shock value.  In-fucking-credible.

I don't know whether or not they will change the drink.  I hope that they will. I know they use vodka from Poland in the drink, they may even use salt from the mine...either way, not a good idea.  

A little history for you. Krakow was the ghetto that the Jews were forced into while it was decided if they would go into a labor camp or to Auschwitz.  If you have seen the movie Schindler's List, that centered around the Krakow Labor Camp.  Now, today, Krakow is a beautiful booming city.  There is actually a salt mine there, although it is named the Wielczka Salt Mine and lies almost outside of Krakow.  Even if they are using the salt, the name doesn't make sense.

For that matter, my main point is this.  Names like this are only accepted because we are in America.  We are far away from where the Holocaust took place so we can turn a blind eye to it and take it with a grain of salt.  If we are going to start naming drinks for the shock value then we will soon see the Columbine Shooter and the Oklahoma City Cherry Bomb.  Sticking close to home like that makes it unacceptable, when it should be unacceptable all around.

Here's to hoping our next ladies night isn't quite so confrontational!


Anonymous said...

Next time I'll order a Shirley Temple. :|

gettyowl said...

I am going to stick with Bud Light, that can't be controversial, right?

Susan said...

I had this drink last night. They haven't changed the name. Course, I didn't see it on the menu and thought the waitress called it a Crackhouse Saltmine. I think I will keep referring to it as such. Much better name!


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