Monday, April 16, 2012

The Grandmas

Today we made our way back home.  I am so thankful that we made this trip to Texas.  My Grandma does not like to travel anymore so it's the only way she is going to get some time with Leyton, her great grandson.  We call my Grandma "GG."
Leyton loved GG's house.  She had a park across the street, a big backyard that he could run around in and all kinds of stuff that he could play with.  He knew right away that she was a good Great Grandma.  She was the best Grandma to me and it's so important for me that he knows her.  I want him to love his GG as much as I love my Grandma.

My Mom, Leyton's Grandma Lala met us in Texas.  Leyton spend more time with his Grandma Lala (although not enough - MOVE ALREADY.)  He warms up to her right away.  He knows that he is going to get spoiled rotten by his Grandma Lala.  She is a wonderful Grandma, which is no surprise since she had her own mother as a model.
Even though they both have their own names, Leyton came to know them as "The Grandma's."  If they weren't with us he'd ask, "Where the Grandmas?"  It melted my heart in an instant.  I'm pretty certain that we will try to take a trip with him to Texas each year so he can spend as much time as possible with "The Grandmas."  If I had my way they would both live in a cute apartment near by and he could go and visit "The Grandmas" each week - MOVE ALREADY!

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