Monday, April 02, 2012

Fun Day!

I thought about what to write today.  I've been home with a sick kid again since last Thursday and my instinct was to come on here and bitch.  Instead, I have decided I want to tell you about a fun day Leyton and I had yesterday.  I took him to the Sacramento Children's Museum again and I was right in thinking that this place is only going to get better as Leyton gets older.  He LOVED it.  He got soaked in the water, messy in the paint and laughed when the wind would blow in his face as he put the puff balls in the tube.  He walked around a wagon for hours and I even snuck a top hat on him and he just kept on trucking.  It was the best day and much needed.  It's fun to get out and about with this little dude.  He always has me laughing.

1 comment:

Carol Browne said...

Big Boy Leyton in a top hat is the best. He can certainly pull off "Dapper". And jaunty! Adorbz.


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