Friday, March 02, 2012

Black Hole

There is a black hole that I often fall into from time to time.  It's dark in there and you can get lost for hours.  Once you come to you have no idea how long you were stuck or really what you did while you were lost.

That black hole is called Pinterest.

I must admit, I'm pretty good about not having a Pinterest addiction.  I see it kind of like drinking.  Sometimes you can like it a little tooo much and then there is a fine line between casual and addiction!  Last month I found myself spending a couple hours on there scrolling through likes, pinning stuff myself and just getting utterly LOST.  I realized then that I have been on Pinterest for quite some time and yet have done NOTHING with it.  I decided that if I was going to continue, I was going to make use of it.  At least once a month I would put my Pinterest finds to use.  If I couldn't do that, then I couldn't use Pinterest.

So far I'm having complete success and now actually enjoying my time on Pinterest more because it doesn't seem like such a waste of time.  I got my Valentine's idea for Leyton's party on there.  I made a delicious shrimp dish earlier in the week that I found on there.  Today for Dr. Seuss's birthday, I made these for Leyton to take to daycare.

I urge you to start putting your Pinterests to use, you'll be much happier when you do.  If you want to follow me on there, or Instagram, my user name is pillworm.

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Veganruleta said...

I will not eat them, Sam I am.


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