Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snip Snip

It happened again.  Leyton went and got another haircut.  His hair was getting shaggy again and while I love it when it is wet or there is a lot of moisture in the air...I don't like it when it's dry out and just puffy and flat.  I know I will always keep his hair a bit on the longer side, I don't think I'll ever cut the back up really short.  This is definitely shorter than the cut last time but I know in about a month it will fill in some and in a couple months it will be as if we never cut it.  So far, the curls still stay too which makes my heart happy!

I fall in love with this little guy all over when his hair is short.  It completely changes his look.  He looks so much older to me now!

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Edificarte said...

Good morning

beautiful your family

A Psalm, without reason specifies for having left in your blogger, but I specify for the reading, simply for the reading of the Deeds of God, that always speaks to our BEING.


17 GENTLEMAN, you heard the desires of the tame ones; you will comfort your hearts; your ears will be open for them;

18 to do justice to the orphan and the oppressed, so that the man of the earth doesn't continue more in using of the violence.

Jesus Cristo Loves you!
He is the Road the Truth and the Life


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