Friday, March 23, 2012

Mad Honey

Having creative friends is a wonderful thing.  Not only do they help you when you need to get something done, but they are also very entertaining and inspiring in their work.  When those two friends start a business, and you watch that business grow in a very tough market it is even more inspiring.

Introducing Meghan and Rebecca.

Queen Bees at Honey Agency.

These are the ladies behind The Getty Owl Foundation.  The ones that have given us the spotlight we deserve by making us look brilliant.

To pay homage to one of their favorite shows Mad Men, which returns this Sunday, they got their team together and did a photo shoot.

They nailed it.  They took us back to the 1960's...only this time it's the women that are running the show.

You can see more pictures and find out more about their company by visit their website.

Nice job bees!

1 comment:

Reebs said...

Thank you Stacey! We owe much of our success to the support of great friends. :)


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