Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little Stinker

Today the little stinker had a 22 month appointment.  I'm not totally sure why it happened now and not at 24 months, but just means we didn't have to get any shots.  Remember all those pictures of Leyton eating and scarfing down pasta?  Well, it finally paid off.  Leyton hadn't gained any weight in a long time and suddenly in the last month he gained 3lbs!!!  So he measures up at 3 feet tall and 31.5lbs.

We've definitely entered a challenging time with this kiddo.  The thing is it can be soo challenging and at times we want to just run down the block screaming our heads off, then 5 seconds later he makes us laugh so hard we almost pee our pants.  He's a funny funny kid that says some funny funny things with his little vocabulary!

His most favorite thing in the whole wide world right now is being outside.  We could go outside and just walk around for hours.  Or, go outside on his big wheel.  He doesn't want mommy to carry him anywhere, doesn't want to be pushed in a stroller.  Everything is "walk please."  It makes rainy days like today more challenging since we are stuck indoors.

I can't believe that in two months he will be two years old.  Where did this last year go?  Do I really have to start thinking about birthday parties?!

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