Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turning a corner.....

Man, yesterday was another doosy!  Just when it seemed Leyton had gotten better, he got bad again.  It was finally decided that while he does have RSV...there is something else going on.  Unfortunately, since it was so late in the day he couldn't get in to see the doc.  It was determined that we should try an antibiotic and see what happened and get him in if the situation didn't turn around.

After 24 hours of antibiotics the kid returned.  He wanted to eat, he wanted to drink, he wanted to play...he wanted to get the hell out of our house.  He's still going to remain on lock down though until I'm convinced we are out of the woods.

I was so happy to go outside and turn away the Monty Python "Bring out your dead" wagon today.  A week ago I was pretty certain we were going to be loaded up on it.

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