Monday, February 27, 2012

Post Run

The First Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk was yesterday and I am nothing if not amazed.  Our foundation has been around for a year and what we have pulled off in that time is incredible.

The day was beautiful, but a tad chilly in the morning.  Everything went smoothly, the walkers and runners arrived in full force.  Sponsors were in place and volunteers were working hard.

In the morning I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everything was where it needed to be and was doing what they needed to do.  I took two breaks.

The first was to walk my son in the 1/4 mile kids run.  It took everything I had not to lose my shit in a balling sobbing mess but I held it together and walked proudly with my family knowing that what we were doing was amazing.

I quickly went back to work after so I could distract myself from the emotions creeping up inside of me.  When it was announced that the main race was about to begin I made my way back over to the start line to see people off.  I stood on the side line in my own world as I watched 100's of people go by.  Friends, family and strangers coming together for an amazing cause.

Then I saw this:

A bright pink Happy Early Birthday Getty sign.

I lost my shit.  I pulled my hood on and stood there on the side lines crying.  My husband made eye contact with me and quickly looked away knowing it would only make it worse for me.  He let me have my moment.

Kate and Mark were told on July 30th that their daughter would not live to see two and they should take her home and love her.  Instead of closing themselves off and doing what was being recommended to them by DOCTORS, they fought with all their might and now not only will Getty be seeing her 2nd birthday in less than a month but over a 1000 people came out yesterday and in my opinion celebrated in the most amazing birthday  party a child could ever ask for.

Thank you.  That's all I can say, and now I'm going to lose my shit again.

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