Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bachelor Pad

There is a mommy group that I am a part of on Facebook.  I must admit, I have a love hate relationship with the group.  Let's be honest, women can be bitches.  I'm sure every day once in a blue moon I am the world's biggest bitch myself.  Put women in a group that makes them feel they have some social status and all hell breaks loose.  Parents start worrying about which kindergarten in the neighborhood they are going to get into, bragging about how smart their child is, etc. etc.

Typically things like this would mean I would just leave the group.  Problem is, women in this group buy NICE SHIT for their kids and then sell it DIRT CHEAP.  I just can't pass up the deals.

Earlier in the week someone posted a playhouse and I knew I wanted to get it for Leyton.  I told the mom I would buy it and pick it up at the yard sale she was having on Saturday.  The deal was made.  Not moments later another mom offered to buy it instead and would "sweeten the deal."  I cannot even tell you how much restraint it took me to not start dropping F-bombs and threatening violence to this elitist mom.

Thankfully, the mom making the sale was a good mom and good person and stuck to her original deal with me.

Now Leyton has his very own bachelor pad, which he vacuums daily.
He would prefer all housewarming gifts be juice, fruit snacks and buttered noodles.

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