Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is February 29, which can mean only one thing...leap year.  Today some people get to celebrate their actual birthday.  If I had been born on my due date I would be turning 9 years old.  Instead my mom's water broke on the way to her baby shower in mid January.

Man, what I would give to be 9 years old again!

Happy Birthday Leap Year Folks!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Post Run

The First Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk was yesterday and I am nothing if not amazed.  Our foundation has been around for a year and what we have pulled off in that time is incredible.

The day was beautiful, but a tad chilly in the morning.  Everything went smoothly, the walkers and runners arrived in full force.  Sponsors were in place and volunteers were working hard.

In the morning I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everything was where it needed to be and was doing what they needed to do.  I took two breaks.

The first was to walk my son in the 1/4 mile kids run.  It took everything I had not to lose my shit in a balling sobbing mess but I held it together and walked proudly with my family knowing that what we were doing was amazing.

I quickly went back to work after so I could distract myself from the emotions creeping up inside of me.  When it was announced that the main race was about to begin I made my way back over to the start line to see people off.  I stood on the side line in my own world as I watched 100's of people go by.  Friends, family and strangers coming together for an amazing cause.

Then I saw this:

A bright pink Happy Early Birthday Getty sign.

I lost my shit.  I pulled my hood on and stood there on the side lines crying.  My husband made eye contact with me and quickly looked away knowing it would only make it worse for me.  He let me have my moment.

Kate and Mark were told on July 30th that their daughter would not live to see two and they should take her home and love her.  Instead of closing themselves off and doing what was being recommended to them by DOCTORS, they fought with all their might and now not only will Getty be seeing her 2nd birthday in less than a month but over a 1000 people came out yesterday and in my opinion celebrated in the most amazing birthday  party a child could ever ask for.

Thank you.  That's all I can say, and now I'm going to lose my shit again.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bachelor Pad

There is a mommy group that I am a part of on Facebook.  I must admit, I have a love hate relationship with the group.  Let's be honest, women can be bitches.  I'm sure every day once in a blue moon I am the world's biggest bitch myself.  Put women in a group that makes them feel they have some social status and all hell breaks loose.  Parents start worrying about which kindergarten in the neighborhood they are going to get into, bragging about how smart their child is, etc. etc.

Typically things like this would mean I would just leave the group.  Problem is, women in this group buy NICE SHIT for their kids and then sell it DIRT CHEAP.  I just can't pass up the deals.

Earlier in the week someone posted a playhouse and I knew I wanted to get it for Leyton.  I told the mom I would buy it and pick it up at the yard sale she was having on Saturday.  The deal was made.  Not moments later another mom offered to buy it instead and would "sweeten the deal."  I cannot even tell you how much restraint it took me to not start dropping F-bombs and threatening violence to this elitist mom.

Thankfully, the mom making the sale was a good mom and good person and stuck to her original deal with me.

Now Leyton has his very own bachelor pad, which he vacuums daily.
He would prefer all housewarming gifts be juice, fruit snacks and buttered noodles.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shellac Me

I have horrible nails.  They are short and they are weak.  I've tried fake nails but my nails end up so sore that I can never keep them on for long and then they are only worse.  I recently started getting a shellac manicure.  The polish lasts for 3-4 weeks.  I absolutely LOVE IT!  This might just have to be my monthly treat to myself!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hoot Hoot

My mom is amazing.  I asked her if she thought she could make us a mascot for the Getty Owl Run/Walk.  I sent her a picture of one that was VERY simple.  Instead, she lost the picture and created something absolutely detailed and amazing.  I can't wait to see Morgan in this on Saturday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carb Load

Yesterday I posted a couple pics of Leyton on Instagram and it brought up the topic of Leyton's eating habits. This kid can EAT.  He can put down more food than me at times.  Here's the thing.  Leyton can eat like a champ, he is a mouth STUFFER and it's taken everything I have not to freak out that he is going to choke.  Leyton will however only eat the things he likes.  He WILL NOT try anything new.  I give him stuff all the time, but most of the time he won't put it in his mouth.

Umm, this is green and it's not avocado...not going in my mouth.

Soup?  It's runny and not solid...I only drink liquids.  Not going in my mouth.

This looks like a vegetable.  Not going in my mouth.

This is seasoned.  Not going in my mouth.

You thought I ate meat and cheese?  No, I decided today that I'm a vegan (that doesn't eat vegetables).  Not going in my mouth.

Pasta?  Bring it on!

Avocado?  Bring it on!

Banana?  Bring it on!

So, Leyton will eat but he is a very picky eater and every day thinks of something new that he is either going to stop eating or start eating.  He is also a pickier eater for Mom.  I'm sure he'll eat anything you make for him if I'm not around.

When we go out to Italian food it is common that I just order him a plate of butter pasta.  Not off the kids menu, just an adult size plate of pasta.  I did just that last night.

When I thought he was done I took a pic to show how much he ate.  Moments later he was eating more and in the end only 4 pieces of pasta and a ridiculous amount of butter was left.  I think this year I'll enter him in an eating contest.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turning a corner.....

Man, yesterday was another doosy!  Just when it seemed Leyton had gotten better, he got bad again.  It was finally decided that while he does have RSV...there is something else going on.  Unfortunately, since it was so late in the day he couldn't get in to see the doc.  It was determined that we should try an antibiotic and see what happened and get him in if the situation didn't turn around.

After 24 hours of antibiotics the kid returned.  He wanted to eat, he wanted to drink, he wanted to play...he wanted to get the hell out of our house.  He's still going to remain on lock down though until I'm convinced we are out of the woods.

I was so happy to go outside and turn away the Monty Python "Bring out your dead" wagon today.  A week ago I was pretty certain we were going to be loaded up on it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Heroes to the rescue!

Let's just be honest.  I had a child so I can have an outlet for my creativity.  Well, that's not the only reason but damn there are some cute things out there for kiddos.  I mean, have you spent 5 hours 5 minutes on Pinterest?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Target and was browsing the Valentine section when I spotted some cute little paper valentines.  I put them in the cart but when I got home I had a bad feeling in my gut.  What the hell was I doing?  I am no super mom by any stretch of the imagination but damn it I am the ridiculous mom that is going to spend a ridiculous amount of time making something fun for my 21 month old to take to his Valentines Day party because.....the kid is only 21 months old and that is just how ridiculous I am!

It was not the very next day that I spotted this post by Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line about Super Hero and Princess Valentines and I was HOOKED.  Two Michael's trips later I had all the supplies I needed (damn those peg dolls are hard to fine.)  I had a moment where I was going to be really creative and come up with some of my own characters, but damn...I'm just not that ridiculous.

So I spent the next three days painting these.

Then I spent another day attaching them to cards and writing cute little phrases on them for all 18 kids.

Then Leyton was sick on Valentines and didn't even make it to his party.

But damn if I didn't get in the car and drive 30 minutes to drop off his Valentines anyway because that is JUST HOW RIDICULOUS I AM!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's spread some love....

Yesterday I thought Leyton had pneumonia.  It was the preliminary diagnosis until some tests results came back.  Today the diagnosis changed, today it is confirmed he has RSV.  Now in adults RSV is just the common colds.  To kids it can be different.  That's not why I'm here today though.

I'm a mom with a healthy child.  When my son gets sick it upsets me because I want him to be well.  I want him to be running around and playing with other kids and having fun.  I want him to be sleeping through the night and not waking up with a cough or a fever.  I want him to be his version of normal.  That is what I hope all parents want for their child.

On the other hand, I see RSV as something much much different than the average parent.  Yes for me it is annoying, it is time consuming, it is sad.  It is also much much worse for many families that I am very close to.  For them, RSV can be a death sentence.  RSV is why their children have to be holed up inside of a house for half of a year.  RSV is why their child has to get expensive shots during RSV season.

For me, I can be told my son has RSV and I can take him home and do my best to get him through his cold as comfortably as possible.  I can remain relaxed and care free.

For a SMA parent, being told their child has RSV is something they NEVER want to hear.

This raises the question, how does it make a diagnosis of RSV different for me?  I take Leyton home, I do my best to make him comfortable and get him over this virus but I also become VERY concerned about his and my capability to spread this virus to someone that might not be as lucky.

So, I do what most parents do...I hit the world wide web.  I start Google'ing RSV to get facts.  I look for ways to help my son and I look for ways to not spread this to others.  The one piece I didn't have an answer too was how long my son is contagious.  How long do I need to keep him out of daycare?  How long do I need to keep him away from the general public?

I googled "how long is RSV contagious for infants."

The second site that came up was Virtual Pediatric Hospital.  It was your typical site with the facts about RSV, treatment for RSV, etc. I went to the part that I was concerned by: contagion.  I read exactly this.

Is RSV contagious?
  • Yes. RSV is very contagious.
  • It can be passed from person to person by coughing, sneezing, or contact with infected items.
  • The virus can survive on a surface for hours.
  • If the virus gets on your hands, you can be infected if you touch your nose, mouth, or eyes.
  • It can be passed between children at school and carried home to infect others in the household.
  • It is also easily passed in hospitals between patients and staff.
  • Your child may be contagious even if she does not have symptoms.

In summary reading that it would seem that Leyton is very contagious.  He only has to touch something and hours later someone else could touch that item and become infected with RSV.  That still wasn't quite answering my question long to keep him away from other children.  It was then I reached the last bullet point.
  • Children with RSV do not need to stay home from school or daycare. It usually doesn't prevent the spread of infection to other children.
Seriously?  So my son is SUPER contagious but no worries, go ahead and put him around other children because it "usually" doesn't prevent the spread?  Well yeah, it usually doesn't because you are telling every fucking parent that comes to your site to go ahead and spread it around!  Now, the kids that are in Leyton's daycare are not high risk kids.  What happens though when that kid gets taken on an after daycare errand to Target and sits in the cart.  My friend Kate comes along afterwards and uses this cart...where RSV can last for hours.  She now is potentially bringing this back into her home where her high risk child is.

I can't tell you how furious this site makes me.  I have no false illusions that all of us with sick kids can't keep them at home in a bubble until they are not contagious but this kind of bullet pointed bull shit is what is killing other children.

While I don't yet have the solid answer to my question, I leave you with this.  If your kid is sick, do your best to keep them at home and try not to spread things like RSV.  For you and your child it might just be a common cold but for someone else it could be far more deadly.

Oh and fuck you Virtual Pediatric Hospital.  I can't wait to do some research and see what you have on your site about SMA.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day

Well my post about Leyton being better may have bit me in the ass. We had another doctor visit today after fevers yesterday and we may be looking at pneumonia. We should know more after a couple tests come back but for now we are taking an antibiotic and "trying" to get this crazy man to rest.

So this Valentines Day we are lying low with a heart shaped pizza and some Bud Light Platinum. This is basically how we spend most Valentines, with the exception of the platinum. We were just trying to take the class to a new level.

Happy V Day folks!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where have I been?!

I was trying to figure out what to write in this post.  Tell you where I've been for the past week and what I've been doing.  Then I realized, who the fuck cares because I got an iPad!!!!

That's really all the matters in the past weeks happenings.  The rest is just life.

Monday, February 06, 2012

We made it.

Wednesday I got the call.  Well, actually a text.  Leyton had a fever and didn't seem to be feeling well.  I did what any mom does.  I went a picked him up.  I figured, get him home, throw on some jammies and give him some Motrin and he'd be fine.  Actually, he was.  He was until 5 1/2 hours later when the Motrin started wearing off and the fever spiked up to 104.

I panicked.  I posted questions on Facebook, I called Advice Nurses.  I ended up comforted knowing that a fever this high is no cause for alarm.  A fever of 106 however is so if it gets there, which it likely won't, then call immediately.  For now, just keep him hydrated and comfortable.  An appointment was set for Friday just to have a look over at him and make sure he didn't have an ear infection.

Thursday fevers continued.  Up and down between 100 and 104.  When down, Leyton was normal.  Too normal really.  He wanted to play, he wanted to go outside, he wanted to "go."  Then he would glaze over.  He'd start to whimper.  Within moments he'd be curled up and limp like a rag doll crying out Mommy.  The fever would be back and we would start the whole cycle over again.

Thursday night the fever hit 106.  The scary number.  I stayed on the phone with an Advice Nurse for 45 minutes while we watched the fever go down together.

On Friday we saw the doctor.  We ruled out bacterial infections, ear infections, RSV and the flu.  This left Roseola (Fifth's Disease.)  We wouldn't know until the fever breaks and a rash appears.  Oh and that fever might last for up to a week.

Fevers went up and down all Friday, hitting 105.2 in the evening.  Saturday the fevers never went past 102.5.  Saturday night I woke up with a cold clammy boy on top of me drenched in sweat.  The fevers were over.

No rash appeared...just a really stuffy nose.

I have no idea what my son had, all I know is it scared the shit out of me.  Being a mommy is a crazy emotional roller coaster ride that I may have not been prepared for, but I don't want to get off.  I don't know what made the fever come.  I don't know what made the fever go away.

When I was a little girl I had an Aunt, named Aunt Ila (although I don't even know if I'm spelling her name right.)  I didn't grow up in a religious household, but it wasn't anti-religion either.  One night Aunt Ila was babysitting me.  I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and she taught me the poem, "Now I lay me down to sleep."  She told me it was something I could say when going to bed, that it was a good time to talk to God about anything.

I've said that poem a million times.  I've asked for boys to fall in love with me.  I've asked to do well in school.  I've asked for help out of financial situations.  I've asked for pretty much everything.

On Saturday night when I went to bed with my boy I said that poem, in fact I said it aloud.  I asked for my God to look over my boy.  To make his fever go away.  To not let anything bad happen to him because without him I wouldn't be much of anything.  I told my God that I know I've asked for a lot, but all of those things have been material.  Things I could do myself.  I wouldn't make any promises that I'd never ask again for something.  Just said please look out for Leyton.

I'm not sure who my God is.  I just know that I feel a Thank You to my God is in order.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Photo A Day

I'm a big fan of Instagram!  You can find me on there with my user name Pillworm.  I kept seeing all of the photo a day photos in January and I was a bit jealous that I hadn't heard about it earlier.  I tried doing the 365 a day thing last year and failed miserably.  So I'm going to try this one instead.  Take it a month at a time!  Here is the list for February.

I'll do a monthly overview with all the pics on my blog at the end of the month.  Otherwise, you can find me daily on Instagram!


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