Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post Holiday Wrap Up

Today I FINALLY marched my butt into WW to hit the scales.  I haven't been there since Nov. 30th.  Part of me didn't want to worry about the holidays and part of me was avoiding.  I had given myself a 2lb comfort zone.  While at the end of vacation I weighed myself and was up 4lbs.  I didn't get upset, I just said F-it.  I had fun, I enjoyed myself.

When I went into WW today I realized that I had only gained 1.4 lbs!  Below my set limit!  I was so happy I wanted to do a dance.  I was probably more happy than any other person that hopped on the scales that day to learn that they had gained weight.

Here's to a great holiday without the worry of weight...something I hadn't had in a very long time!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

You rock. Keep it up :)


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