Monday, January 09, 2012

Now introducing.......


Yep, we decided that our family just wasn't big enough so we went and got a puppy!  Well, to be honest...we've talked about another dog since Leyton was about 6 months old.  While Whisky has been great with Leyton he has also be noticeably sad and lazy.  Maybe a bit depressed by the attention that the baby gets.  I didn't know if getting a second dog would help, but on a trip to Tahoe I saw how happy Whisky was with a dog friend in the house and I knew right then it would happen.

Then it just became...puppy or adult dog?  I knew I would adopt from a shelter for sure.  The more time went on the more I started leaning towards a puppy for fear that an older dog might bite Leyton and I would never know until it was too late.

When we got home from our vacation and I started looking and almost immediately found this cute little guy.  He is 14 weeks old and a Heeler Hound mix.

We've named him Barley to stick with our beverage loving theme.  Nothing makes you seem more like a drunk than a dog named Whisky and a dog named Barley!  So far things are good and Whisky is SUPER happy to have a friend!

We are dealing with the normal puppy stuff, but also what a sweet sweet dog this little guy is.  So loving!!!

I'm happy to have another baby in the house, even if it's of the furry variety!


Krista said...

PUPPY!!!!! Cute. I love the herding dogs, they are so sweet and protective.

DeeDee said...

Great plan! We added another dog. a mini aussie, to our home about 2 years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. It brought new life to our yellow lab, Maggie! They are just like people, they need companions too! Good Luck with the growing pains of a new puppy! It will all be worth it!


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