Thursday, January 12, 2012


Right now Leyton is going through another mommy clingy stage.  If I even walk to another part of the house all I hear is "Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy."  At night when I put him to bed all I hear is "Mommmmmmmmmyyyyy."  When I tell him to hug his Daddy all I hear is "Mommmmmmmmmmy."  It's not that he wants me to pick him up, it's not that he really wants me at all.  He just needs me in his site at all times.  Even in the back seat of the car he will call out and all I have to do is turn around and smile or reach my hand back and he will hold it.

While he's gone through these stages before this one is somehow more intense.  He won't socialize or hang with Daddy at all and oh is that hard on Daddy.  While he also knows it's a phase it sure is hard to be shunned by your child.  Tonight they will be alone together so I'm hoping perhaps that helps us get a little past it.

It's hard to know what brings these on, but of course I'm going to go with my stand by and blame it on teeth.  There is only one left (well aside from the second molars which come way later or with luck NEVER).  This one is hanging on, dragging out and making him miserable.  This morning he woke up with his signature runny nose, cough and fire butt which can only mean one thing....the damn tooth is about to break through.

Lord help it happen soon or I'm afraid this might not be just the dog kennel.

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