Monday, January 16, 2012

First Haircut

I've had far too many posts on this blog relating to my child's hair, so I promise this is the last one.  Well, you know, until the next one.  This weekend I decided that it was going to happen.....the first haircut!  His hair was just getting far too long and too poofy.  While I loved the curls, I didn't want him to have little girl hair and if I cut his bangs again he was definitely going to have just that.  My fears....what if the curl all got cut off?  What if he screamed and cried the entire time?  What if the stylist cut it too short?  What if it looked horrible?

I'm sure there were more fears but you get the picture!  I got a recommendation for the Davis Barber Shop and decided it was time to go.  I took my niece along with me for moral/emotional support.  This place was classic.  It had old time barber shop written all over it, but was definitely kiddo friendly.  I got a nice before shot in one of the old barber chairs.

When it came time to cut it Leyton sat on my lap and we busted out the portable DVD player so we could try to distract him with Elmo.  It took me, Elmo and cheese puffs but I'm happy to say there was not a single tear shed.

The barber gave him the exact cut I wanted and he still has the curls!  I'm so glad that I finally got the guts to have it cut, I'm absolutely loving it.

Leyton got a first haircut certificate, but I think he was happier about his first lollipop!

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Rain said...

Awe! He looks very dapper! :)


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